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Try ipadio without registering

For an immediate demonstration of ipadio with no need to register you can hear yourself talking on this page, just by dialling in and speaking.  This live demonstration is the easiest way we can find to show you how any telephone can now talk directly to the web, but your calls don't have to go out live once you have an ipadio account.

1. Turn your speakers on.

2. Call +44 (0)203 384 2144, a normal UK local rate number.

3. Then when asked for your pin enter 7881, and talk. 

Then in a few seconds - you'll hear yourself!

If you'd like a free ipadio channel of your own, register for an ipadio account to try all of the other things that you can do with ipadio.

Oh - the player above is just to show you that ipadio can be live, and can work from any phone. Which we're really excited about.

But if you set up an account, you have a history of all your calls and can embed a player a bit like this one on to your web site. This allows you to title, tag, transcribe (or convert with Spinvox), add photos, geolocate, share to other social media sites (Twitter, Facebook plus the other usual suspect), notify followers (by email, Tweet & FB status), allow comments and discussion, podcast to iTunes & RSS and quite a bit more. You can even make private broadcasts that never appear on ipadio.com, only on your own site. Or avoid making a call at all, and upload locally recorded MP3s. For free. Go on, have a go :-)

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London, EC2A 4ER

Clients include:
  • virgin media
  • oxfam
  • british horse racing authority
  • england athletics
  • homeserve