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My voice log enhances the way I share information with those following my blogs, tweets and postings. My main professional topics of interest are listed below although I do imagine some personal adhoc stuff may appear from time to time. In addition I would also like to use ipadio for conducting interviews as and when. Hope you enjoy the broadcasts and do feel free to leave comments.

Topics: Blended Learning, Elearning, Learning Ecosystems, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consultancy, Social Learning, Innovation, Kaizan & Change Management.

I'm often found on twitter (@simbeckhampson), so if you want to connect, that's a good starting point. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.
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Broadcast 8 years ago at Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany, DE
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So a final ___ test for this phoning service. I do like this services. I absolutely like so. Pick up my mobile phone I dial free phone number in Germany, say what is like about whatever that I like, it automatically records it, transcribes it. Post it to the internet and with one click I can share it with communities of people who might be interested in listening to what is I'm saying. Not that it'd be, will always be interesting but on occasions it may be. So yeah this is one of my chosen methods of continuing to keep starting conversations and discussing things while I'm away. Do stay in touch. If you're interested in getting a hold me directly use the email address which is available, different number on different places.

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Broadcast 8 years ago at Augsburg, Bayern, Deutschland, DE
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Another test from the forest...

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