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Broadcast 2 years ago at 2500 Rd, Independence, KS 67301, USA
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death situation, carin, greenberg

Resolved towards just to be just aside in life and death situation. My first intention is if there's a terrorist that has information about a potential van or ambush he should be torture. According to Greenberg at Carin(?) towards the debate in America 2005 called torture would be acceptable and the time taken by scenario as means to save thousands if not millions of lives and called my reasoning behind that is Obama would kill a lot more people more leaving torturing one person would. My second intention is terrorist can have a lot of valuable information stated that the source of quotes this stuffs that's factored

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___ students should not be able play sports in school they don't have time. My first contention is it would be hard to evaluate their grades and if ___ eligible. According to Jason Wolf should students be allowed to play sports at school they don't have time April 4th 2011. Wolf ___ is concerned about the subjective method of evaluating academic progress proposed in the house the lack of detailed requirements ___ those and the opportunities for ___ they would create and quote. If the bill would be fair schools would note be able to judge if a player is eligible making it unfair for student athletes. My second contention is students would drop out of school according to the source ___ quote.

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Hey, my name is Alex. I'm on my iPadio because I need it for my debate class. Three things about me is I'm pretty tall. Another unique thing about me is I'm an athlete and I guess I'm pretty nice too.

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