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Hi this is Mark Smith ___. Testing on this channel to see if I can I web phone test up here and ___ I should say. Cheer man.

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Broadcast 5 years ago at 2500 Rd, Independence, KS 67301, USA
by Tammy's Channel

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developing tools, technology director, indian culture

Technology is not new. When I taught 4th grade, I taught those 9 years old about the technological advances a new technology develop by the ___ Indian culture. Throughout history humans have made their lives easier and for the most part better about taking outside the box and developing tools to make those changes. Now slash forward to the 21st century, today hundreds of new technologies are developed by the way. Each year when I teach my six graders about the industrial revolution of the United States and the time of the great investors, it is so easy to get in the grass the idea of all the new advances that were developed because they ___ up in in special time now. We have the docs in the classroom in the front office and up straight at the board offices are the ones that can't quite grasp the idea of new technologies and just how it suppose to make our life better. We ___ as no senses destructions and just another thing we can afford. School system for pain technology director

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