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Hello this is Ben calling from advanced base camp on Cho Oyu. Really good day we decided not to go for the summit. yesterday morning early we had a really high winds during the night, actually about 10:00pm they started to really kick up then we had started having high gusts. we were hoping for them to die off about 3:00 and the latest we could have left for was maybe 4:00 or 5:00 I am a little worried that there's wind kinda changed later in the day so we didn't wanna be caught up high.

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Ben phones in from ABC! The remaining members of the team still in need of the summit are enjoying a few well deserved days of rest at ABC in preparation for their own summit attempt. Good weather is in the forecast for the group for the rest of the week and hopefully they'll head up the hill on the 11th. Check it out!

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Ben calls in from ABC to let us know the great news that Siddhi and Sophie topped out on Cho Oyu on the 5th of May at 1:45pm Kathmandu time! They are on their way back down now for beers and summit cake! Enjoy listening in!

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Broadcast 8 years ago at Tingri, Shigatse, Tibet, China
by FTA - Dispatches from the field

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Ben calls in from camp 1.5 to let us now that all is well. The team is headed for a night at C2 tomorrow and then will return to ABC for a rest before a summit push!

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Ben calls in with the latest from ABC!

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