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Broadcast 6 years ago
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Think about this, what if you had no idea how to use a computer, you would have no idea how to get online, that’s means you could never google anything, never check your emails, you could never pay those bills that realistically you wouldn’t get time to do during the day, come on now who is seriously going to go and stand in a queue at the bank or the post office. If you never got online you wouldn’t be able to send a poke on Facebook, or check your tweets. How would you know whats goin on with your friends, family, colleagues… ok we don’t really need to know this but what if youre 60, 70 or 80 plus years old and you don’t get out much anymore because you cant. Your family are too far and too busy to visit everyday, your partner is deceased, you live on your own or maybe in sheltered accommodation. What then if you could send a poke or a smiley face to your grandchildren via Facebook or view the pictures they constantly post of themselves doing silly things, wouldn’t it be great to receive emails from family & friends, even if once a week. Wouldn’t it be even greater to Skype someone especially on a special occasions because you can’t be with them. Wouldn’t it finally be great to pay that gas bill you’ve been meaning to get out to do. What is brilliant is that you can be taught this, My name is Sol, and I’m a digital champion, my job is to volunteer and show you how to get online, so you can do all these things and much much more. digital championing isn’t just about getting you online it’s about having the time to spend with people and allowing them to be independent Internet users. Alongside keeping the brain working, it keeps people in touch with the world, their surroundings & most importantly their families and friends. One day in the future I’m going to need someone to show me the current technological trends of the time, But until then I’m really happy being a digital champion and being there for my learners, because when I get that smile or a little nod to acknowledge that I have taught them something new, I’m happy, probably more happier than my learners, Digital championing is a 2 way process, both sides give and receive something and that’s the beauty of it and that why I’m here to help.

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