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Sean Dalton at Heritage Media

Channel Image Regular broadcasts of Washtenaw County's public officials and entertainment figures interviewed by county government and entertainment reporter Sean Dalton.
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Broadcast about a year ago
by Sean Dalton at Heritage Media

Brian cox

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Yeah this stupid things designed to make like sort of radio interview type things over the phone. I have mine ___ easy easy way to record a phone call because I don't have a smart phone and I can't install fancy ___ programs at it ___ stuff like this oh ok ___ it's not being posted on the internet as we talk right no no ok cool. Yeah the MS people ___ I spoke to Rebecca Warren and you know we kinda talked about what it means for the state(?) in the state budget what they're doing with the MSP(?) in terms of more Technology on ___ and the car making the post unnecessary expense with the State I'm basically looking for the town ships side. How long has have you wanted to purchase this post how does this fit

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And here we go. Alright. Alright so alright I wanna make this about your first time of our call back on the stage in five years. Yeah it's true. Excellent. What well I guess first of all what was the last show you're in at the beginning of that five years ok the last work was called Dirty Blonde in two thousand and seven and it was a play about May West. So yeah it was in August of two thousand and seven so it's been just over five years. Ok did you know that there was going to be a gap and you being on the stage when when you ___ of that show or no I didn't you know was sort of all sort of a domino effect of several different things you know I I was going to be in a show in summer of two thousand and eight but I got pregnant and

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Sean Dalton at Heritage Media

Are you still there. Yep. ___. I done this before and I think I think I might have accidentally did the pin and then hit pound and it initiated the recording for like split second and then cancelled it. Ok. She's in ___ I'm wasting our valuable time. Let me let me call you back in literally two seconds. Ok. Alright. Bye bye.

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