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Broadcast 4 years ago
by Santana Skye Gonzales's phlog


___ hello. Hello. How do you stop it? Oh my gosh. I'm busy. Hold on. How the hell are you gonna be busy when you're making a fucking ___ are you seriously now. Shut up. You're making my patio. Jeremy wow ok. I'm making my patio guys. I'm making one. Ok. So fuck I'm not making one. This is yours. No this isn't mine this is ours. What's yours is mine. What's mine is yours. Did we not established that already? Oh yeah we established that in like 2001. You really sound smart ___

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Broadcast 5 years ago
by Santana Skye Gonzales's phlog

#anthony, #LOL,

Me & Anthony. Ugh. High moments.

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