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Hello I'm going to say about the types and purposes of business support. For the purpose that is a huge amount of information that comes into business. The administrative procedures are there to organize that information pass it on to the ___ and then store it so that I can be found if needed to. In order to follow administrative procedures businesses ensure consistency it means as a piece of information to ___ down to this in the same manner and then the other one is you have to use of time ___ some procedures it appears ___ for me but they say time is longer time. So the types of support it includes meeting, documents and then keeping funds, travel and accommodation. Managing diaries and handling data

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Broadcast 5 years ago
by Rita's phlog

long term goal, time scale, aims

In this recording I will be describing the aims and objective of an organization using college as an example. And then I will be describing the purpose a business whose have an aims and objective. So the meaning of aims is a long term goal of business. So the meaning of objectives are goals that affirms has installed for the next 3 or 5 years. They must have a time scale be measurable and contribute the business at ___. For the aims of the college. The college need to give more ways to the students to improve the students that are always late to improve the attendance of those who always of excellent. To increase students numbers give more students a chance

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I'm going to introduce three different kinds of customers including their meeting expectations. One is the internal customer and the other two ___ customers. For the internal customer I use south(?) assistance(?) as an example. For south(?) assistance(?) what they need is when they are routing they need either return the equipment to them so they need those equipment working. For example the cash machine, phone scanner, a card reader, a computer they also engineers to repair the equipment if they are broken so that they can do their work ASAP. Those(?) assistance often need the company to give to give them the process sometime so that they can self process for the customer and what they expect is to engineer to to give them good service and can repair the broken equipments on time. The customers will go back to the.

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I would like to introduce my strengths and weaknesses and what it has to do with us on preparing for and contributing to a business. Here are some examples of the strengths and weaknesses. The first one is my personal circumstances. My strengths are I'm not in any relationship that I can have more time than my business. I also have this fact that I don't owe anyone's money so they can tell me put more money in my business before my weaknesses and that is time management. I also don't have enough time to do my work. My family and friends can

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