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Broadcast 6 years ago
by Richard's phlog

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There comes a time when the great tide to send in to attending the storms not real. Decide what narrow from here almost invisible. Once inside I'll see how long and deep it is. And five billion stone years of landscape can be touched. It is an easy going way list being free enough to walk on the sky. Somebody's voice be with me. Tell me how the time passes and what to call it tell me which way to roll. I never expected to be a space man.

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Broadcast 8 years ago
by Richard's phlog

Hello Students of VM606. I've just discovered a new tool called ipadio. It's at www dot I P A D I O dot com, and this allows you to record your voice to the phone. You register your phone numbers, you call in, you enter a pin, you record your message and then it becomes a phlog P H L O G and you can grab the embed code for this and drop it in to your Google Earth assignment so that you don't have to mess around with audio files or audacity or headsets or any of that stuff. So this one tool that you could try to do the audio piece of our assignment. So I'm gonna sign off now and I'll post this maybe to the Wiki or send you an email.

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