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Broadcast 6 years ago
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Hi boys and girls! It's Mrs. Sharrer! Happy Friday! Sorry I can't be at school with you today, but you're lucky enough to have Mrs. Vance with you! She's great! Let's review all the fun stuff you have planned for today. You'll start out the day with a morning meeting and then get right into a fun math lesson on fractions. After math you'll take a snack break before beginning daily 5. Mrs. Vance will be meeting with small groups at the back table. Remember today is your word study test. I'm sure you'll do great! After daily 5, you'll go to recess and then lunch. Who ordered pizza today? Yummy! After lunch you'll begin social studies. Today you will be talking about another famous person in history and you'll have some time to work on your projects. Next you'll take a quick energizer break. Mrs. Vance is excited for you to show her Zip, Zap, Zoom. You'll continue with Daily 5 before heading to gym. I wonder what Mr. Rowley has planned for you today? After gym you'll head back to the classroom to pack up and get ready for dismissal. Please show Mrs. Vance what a great group of responsible learners you are. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!

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