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Connecting Cultures-Global Leaders Mountain Journey

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Should we start. Yeah yeah. Ok. My name is Desert(?) Cocoa(?). I'm from Poland and I'm really happy that I'm a part of Connecting Cartgroup(?). I'm going to tell you something about this day. So actually this was the last part of our trekking getting opens. We visited a traditional Amanni(?) Village and I would like to summarize what happened so far because because it was the last day we all had kind of and experience about it both we were sad because it is about to end and me personally I was really happy because I no longer was walking with strangers and friends from abroad but with my new very, very close friends

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Hello Yuan, my name is Sanjay and I'm here from Singapore. I've been chosen by my country to take part in this rare opportunity in Oman and I'm very glad to be here. Today was day 1 of this expedition and we just had our dinner and ___ and compare to earlier we're very much more close. For today we started off from the hotel and we took a ___ bus ride up to the mountains and we reached about the height of 2000 meters and then we stayed there for about 3 hours and we got to know each other better. We played some games and we set some goals. We expressed our expectations with.

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