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Broadcast 6 years ago at Dagenham, Greater London, UK
by Olayinka's phlog

Personal Reflections on My Role Co-ordinating Training and Implementing the E-learning and Intranet Systems at Steinhoff International Group.

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Broadcast 8 years ago
by Olayinka's phlog

When I first began this course I wondered what was in store for me. At first I thought the process would not be hard at all considering it was aimed at the second degree and from home. In a way I was right. On the other aspect I was totally wrong. Never have I had to reflect on anything the way I have had to reflect in H808 E-Learning Professional. I've had to reflect from what becoming an E-Learning Professional means to me and how it will change my life. The fact that I'm about to reflect or I am meant to reflect made me self conscious at first, especially when I wondered what others would think about my honest opinions. However I soon got over that weariness, and began the organizational procedure as I've come to think of it of reflecting during every activity. I am not sure about the durability of this concept, however, I am certain that more people may need the reflective aspect of learning than they have acknowledged. Enjoy!

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