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Hey, welcome to the Same or Skills Pod Cash. I'm coming at you. It's 11:30 ish maybe 45 by now on a Friday night. So ___ I'm just walking the dog out on the wood for today. I've got my good friend childhood friend R(?) Morpidos(?) who's gonna be hopefully a fairly regular co host of the Same and Skills Pod Cast and the reason is is because I called you on the night I read about my various little things I'd like to read about and ___ you know what his conversation even if they're not luscious maybe I don't know but make pretty decent Pod Cast. So we decided to kinda give it a go welcome to the Pod Cast John. Thanks a lot Nick. Glad to be here and I've enjoyed your Pod

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Ok so I'm recording so I'm gonna just do a quick quick little intro thing and then we'll go from there I don't know and welcome to the Saver Skills Podcast. Today I have with me Chef Keith Noodle(?) from Harvest Eating dot Com which is all about seasonal eating local eating and I just recently joined Duffy(?) as a membership program over there which will tell about on the second but one of the biggest challenge is I have my life is now that I have decided

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Broadcast 5 years ago
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Hello hello hello.

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