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Michael's phlog

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Broadcast 6 years ago at Farmington, CT, USA
by Michael's phlog

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Hello my name is Michael Smith. I am a ___ major at Franchill(?). My primary major is accounting and my second major is finance. I live in Elong(?) Connecticut with my mom and my younger brother. I am an intern at United Technology Corporation in Farmington. I'm working in the Property Tax Department during the semester I work part time but when the school is out I work full time. And your playing and watching basketball. My favorite team are the Lakers and ___. I also have an interest and learn about the different animals. I have snake as a pet. She's a ___ phyton(?) and she's about 3 and half to 4ft long right now. My spare time I like to play video games or watch movies. I have a younger brother ___ wants to become a teacher and in the future I have to either continue working ___ Technology or either work at the public

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