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Commando Joe - Independent GB Row 2011

Channel Image The Commando Joe Team were originally signed up to participate in the Virgin GB Row 2011 Race starting from Tower Bridge, London on 1 June 2011, however due to lack of participants the Anglo American Boat Race Company has cancelled the event. Not wanting to disappoint their charities, the Meningitis Trust and BLESMA, Porky, John, Dave and Pete have decided to undertake an independent row of the UK which will be verified by the Ocean Rowing Society.
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So it's Friday the 3rd of June and it's nearly 11:00 at night. We got another busy day with the boat and we finally got it into the water in Scarborough Marina which is a good thing to see. Be nice to load all the food onto it and a load of spices well I'd love to take them all off tomorrow and reload them to make sure that they will be in right order when we need them and tomorrow also will be sorting out the boat for communications make sure the water makes it works along with the host of other things just to make we're all ready to depart hopefully about between 4:00 and 5:00 on Sunday afternoon and that's it this evening. I can give you another update tomorrow.

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This is just a test message to ensure that iPadio is up and working. Many thanks.

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Everybody else know, the main 10 and who is actually we're on the page on the way home. Everybody just received the T shirts and gift certificate at Liberty presentation where ___ happened. Everybody is expected with the such a wonderful event, just wanted the weather that did fantastic. Now anxious to go home and rest so speak and get everything ___. Bye.

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Hey ___ me it is ___ completed. Hopefully it's absolutely ___ top of them of is have snow storms several foot of snow that we made ___ very very happy and I'll tell you tomorrow mate. Everybody blisters in ___ bye.

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Well it's been a really busy night on ___ with lots of rain and lots of wind but lots of ___ by distance have made it to the top bank(?) and ___ they tried but just had a lovely full English breakfast. So we're ___ this and then we can set up right. Bye.

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The teams now up Snaden(?) and we're on our way up to Starcell(?) Pike and they finger's crossed the weather would be good it'll be a lovely night sometime(?) this is our help(?). So wish us all good luck. Thanks Aubrey(?).

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