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According to the authors the steps could determine what resources are adequate for education and they include no. 1 setting education dose. The point has to be established so they can be determined if the goals has been met. Two, stand as an objective so it must be measured and based on measurable outcome. A means of measuring goals would determine if they have been met or not. Three, necessary resources is to achieve goals and must be determined and obtained finances people etc must be determined so that the goal can be met. Four, finances said the sources must be obsessed(?). The necessary ___ made it pass could be determined and allocated and important factor is the determination must be made on how much is adequate or how much we're willing to spend or give to achieve the determinate(?). All aspects are met with disadvantages and advantages but establishing and maintaining them to achieve adequate con(?).

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This is use of ___ State and Local Farms, the chances were made to ensure that educational funds had determined, allocated and monitored for the benefit of our students. Federal funds such as Tidal1(?) are based on the number of students at target programs that have been proven ___ the school district. ___ Funds such as taxes or related to the economic stability of the area or State and are tend to be the most equitable funds local funds made profit of taxes or the most widely used for funding education. ___ have made their point with having ___ agree that there will always be opposition made to in about issues and ___ regarding education and funding. Equal opportunities to succeed can be achieved through forms of financial means but this was not found all province(?) until education is funded equal

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