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Broadcast 6 years ago at 1351 C St NW, Washington, DC 20228, USA
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In this interview, Dr Tom Ryan discusses his experience of going to more than 45 AHA conferences and gives advice to fellows going or presenting for the first time

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Broadcast 6 years ago at 2300 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA
by John's channel

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Hello, this is John Ryan co moderator of this fellowship training discussion on Parady(?) exchange. On the fellowship discussion we've always wanted to prepare fellows from any of the unique experience that a company training. The American Heart Association scientific sessions is one of those instances. Dr Delima(?) is has previous out of line ___ from how to make the most national meetings taking into account the Sentry over load that can sometimes accompany them and this year with the AHA(?) Scientific sessions upon us we want to give fellows further advice in doing this we're fortunate today to be joined by Dr Thomas Ryan professor of Medicine from Boston University. Dr Ryan is past president of the American Heart Association from 1984-1986. Former chief of section of cardiology at BU from 1971-1994 and receive

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