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Broadcast 6 years ago
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Ok so I'm just gonna briefly go over now I feel like a patio from the used(?). First off I like to talk out how to use by me. I think this is a great way to you record(?) ideas and thoughts you have I've got ___ to work about half an hour each way. So ___ you know thinking things I wanna do with my wife and my other activities and I can literally call in and then you know if you wanna get to work I said to call in and 3 I think students should be great in the science lab with my kids to walk around. They can work on the experiments and then they could record their observations by using their phone. No need to write it down the you know kind of changes occurred you know change of temperature or whatever they're doing for whatever lab were doing and you know they could take turns all ___ on the phone and now what they observed and ___

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