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A Conversation with The Six Minute Strategist

Channel Image John Colley, the Six Minute Strategist, tackles head on issues which are critical to business development today. Using the Six Minute Strategist Methodology - One Topic - Six Points in Six Minutes, John uses hexagons to clarify complex topics and bring structure and insight to his clients. From Start Ups to Company Sales, he holds nothing back sharing his 25 years of advisory experience with you to help your business grow. A strong focus on Business Strategy is complemented with John's expertise in Social Media and Online Marketing. He openly shares his integrated approach, utilising Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare - to name but a few to craft effective strategies. John also has expertise in Capital Raising and Mergers and Acquisitions and has been working in the Technology Sector for nearly 15 years. He brings this all together in his Six Simple Strategic Steps Methodology to help Entrepreneurs to successfully develop and grow their businesses. John has advised companies of all sizes from one man start-ups to multi-billion dollar Corporations and brings this broad experience to bear. If you feel you can’t see the Strategic Wood for the tactical trees, you should be listening to this Conversation! You can learn more at the Six Minute Strategist website - http://jbdcolley.com
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