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James O'Malley: From Your Own Correspondent

Channel Image ipadio's Web Editor phonecasts his ill-informed opinions to everyone who listens, whilst worrying he sounds increasingly like Nathan Barley. Listen to the Pod Delusion. It's well weapon.
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Hello, I just been to one of the coolest places in London that I've never heard of before. It was the London Hack Space in Trendy Shorvitch(?). Essentially what it is. It's bunch of hackers. Not in the evil sense but in the sense of people who who build things these hardware and software who all have these space in which they can do these things at the workshop and that sort of thing. It's like a community thing it's all very democratic and maybe social way to run and it very very cool. What do you think so? I was impressed by the. I like the fact there's a lot shared full of junk so that you could recycle someone's old project in sight in something out that you could help. Now Sophie's(?) down for the weekend as as ___ way and Hade(?) is here well he want to but he enjoyed the Hack Space so much he's staying there now and we'll gonna pick him up later and ___ there be.

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Hi we're here in the pulp in the world end waiting for the world to end. We're counting down to the rupture. There's less than a minute to go. I'm here with the bunch of secularist(?) atheist Catholic that sort of thing 45 seconds to go. So should the rupture happens chances any of us disappearing is all incredibly low. We've now gone under the 35 seconds to go and but yes over over as we can see at the window there was looking crazy religious man holding a sign about Jesus where behind his jacket. He's our control group. If he disappears we know that something is up so as of still there 20 seconds to go. Now 15 seconds to go as of now the rupture is coming. Is anyone watching at ten. That would be very good time. That was ___ ten nine eight seven six five four three two one.

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Hello we just been to see the film attacks the block written and directed by Joe Kormish(?) of Adam(?) and Joe Fame and it was extraordinary. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it. It is feel good movie of the summer. It was no it was odd that ___ I ever see. If you live in South London you have to see the film. But one of the one of the and tell me what like other people last ___ vision they're using a pizza delivery scooter but they have pizza Gogo which is like the pies we use we ordered from when I lived at Wales land it was hilarious. I'm not sure how wide the chain is they're certainly you know well known within within South London and there's a couple of other South London ___ in there. I think I can't quite remember what they were now but yeah it was just a ___

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We just see Mark Thomas's new show. ___. What did you think. It's absolutely brilliant and anyone ___ and go to it. Halfway direct opinion it was ___ and honestly it was approaching ___ point of view but it wasn't just ___ there was some ___ and you know they get ___ calculation wonderful. It's often like these characters like ex soldiers on both sides and these bizarre people ___ it was just so good. It was just ___ it's brilliantly brilliantly crafted. It was very well crafted I mean ___ the book.

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For the reggae who seemed we don't know and now there's a man playing brass instruments but they're not playing Scottish. It's a little bit confusing for me and a music didn't music in some Jovile(?). What's going on Marcus. Auntie Monakiki(?) shirt. Mom with the crown cross down there. There's a man who have a look at Wil and Kate climbing also a shirt with the ___. Have not last night trace on and I think 3 are a lords capable ___ probably. I think that was the only one with exemption when they bow ___ and I'm getting ___ cos you know I'm at the street party. It make sense to get ___ but we got a lot spirits going on. On the siege by the royal ___ everywhere. Actually this is hilariously(?) Juvenile. Is that it's a lovely day. Let's have a party in red Lawns square. And bet you about things you don't like. Yeah. Pretty much that I get.

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Hello, we're here at street party. I call this a republic street party which is so I try gonna put the ___ organization because we're not meant for. It's what the people who was just nice so I say about 300 people. ___ about grandma, Slo(?) and Reggie, Reggie of ___ Solution Fame. There's also table set up people in republic chair, people siding on the ___ cab for Will's and Kate. So probably, I'm trying ___ yes or no. But we're put later and all that good people I think sent through republic time cap show(?) and it's so very jolly and everybody's present. ___ the second to kick off. Now you ___ party after all, this whole thing ___ anyway

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Hello, I'm here in in hospital. I've just had an operation. I've had like 8 laser inserted into me to blast kidney stone and a few minutes ago I came back from recovery and now on a ward feeling fine and dandy waiting to go home. Liz has been with me all day. How are you feeling Liz? Tired. I very much admire the fact that she has sit by my side resolutely(?) throughout this ordeal and so yeah it's horrible however. I wouldn't recommend surgery to a friend. Wasn't the most pleasurable way to spend the Wednesday I mean I probably rather spent it. Wasn't a pleasant thing not like wall but just relatively unpleasant.

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Hello, we just need to see the film Soccer Punch at the Imax(?) and in short my review would be what? That was fucking brilliant. It was how can I begin to describe it or review this. It's like imagine about 5 different films mashed together and written by a 14 year old boy who. Oh it was so huge. It was really good. No it wasn't really good but it was what the hell is going on for everything. Ok. So it starts in a mental asylum after some distance ___ and then it goes in Elca(?) Brussels in someone's head. Different realities, it was was really good. Layers of

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