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Hertford Cricket Club

Channel Image The HCC U13's tour of Barbados is taking place from the 6th-20th April.
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Broadcast 4 years ago
by Hertford Cricket Club

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Hey. We're on we're off. Here we go. We all coming to eat in the ___. We got promoted this 7 to ___ we don't know today ___ and Steve leads the first round in the world. We pulled a couple of night though. He got too wicked ___ Ashton got Cheeky 50 therefore the funny ___ in the end. I got caught ___

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Broadcast 4 years ago at Hertford, UK
by Hertford Cricket Club

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rick carter, Hertford Cricket Club

Yeah this is just a test from Rob Carter to see how this works on the Hertford Cricket Club website and yeah that's all, just want to see what happens. Cheers. Bye.

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Hi this is Cathy Dawson one of the fifty four tourist that are going to Barbaidos(?) tomorrow on on the search(?) angel. The boys we'll be playing six months since during our two weeks stay. There will be something in magical(?) in the school. So if you'd like to pull it their progress keep(?) on the web spot and we promise not to go about Hannah(?) ___ bye for now.

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