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Broadcast 7 years ago at Kent, DE, USA, US
by Row For Heroes' phlog

Good morning everybody. It's Hamish here. Now I am ringing today from Terra Sova(?). We we made it to land yesterday. It's just unbelievable to be back. We just we're so so happy to be back ___ day to see. If you're not back in 50 days in the end we were we I don't know had a pretty pretty challenging time over the last few days climbing out from from Dover and we just thought it just seem that we'd never make it the journey with a with a waiting for the heavy Roman team basically we managed to get into the ___ I just told you and then just we laid out close to Limenton(?) then yesterday afternoon all we have to do is pick up the Angler and then rode 3 or 4mi down to ___ so we were met by an armada(?) of boats it was fantastic.

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Broadcast 7 years ago at Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, UK, GB
by Row For Heroes' phlog

Good morning all is sane and shit. Just updating you from our new position Novem(?) Norvic(?). We, we came across land last evening and pretty please to be honest to be back inside land again. It's been a few days since, since we're up there. Obviously Aberdeen at the last box since we stayed on the North Fleet. As we said we've been really lucky with the weather the last few days and obviously we had the hiccups with pretty strong winds. I mean we probably expected it along that we would come across you know punctuated(?) with we would be we'd be caught by some unfavorable wind so it didn't come to the enormous surprise that we did get them obviously we got some buckets very hard that unfortunately and these boats at the line to catch fire so it's just quite a shock to you know there's a shock going over. We were all sort of safe and sound so in retrospect.

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