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Hi Christoph, it's apple at our now by moisture because I don't think I send you and invoice but Apple straighten up to 20 percent and the price is like now is 516th. I both Apple for $429 since Apple is a good company I think I'll keep it for the rest of the game. The voicemail that I like that it's make sure that apple is trying to get a new iPod a new iPhone sometime in like me. So I know the price of cell will be actually in opening and my prediction the apple would be 544 with the new products and just what to do range in right now it's at 310 and by 26 so next week. Make show I think it's gonna be somewhere around 516 going out 456

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Broadcast 4 years ago at Kanem, Chad
by Gabriela's channel

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Megan just about Apple and I have ___. Far more ___ because I don't think I need more. But Apple risen up to 20 percent point 30 per sale and the price here is now 15 16 point 17. I've got it for 429. I think Apple is a good company. And I'm thinking about to do ___ of me. And the ___ that I left over this week. Showed that Apple is planning to release their new Ipads(?) and new Iphone(?) sometime in Mid may. So the present ___. My prediction is that apple will be somewhere at around 5 44 ___ more products and everything. The 52 range is now 310 to 526 but next week they show us it's gonna be

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