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Broadcast 7 years ago at Las Vegas, NV, USA
by Evan's phlog

Hi this is Avin major for Digitools(?) class and it's I'm sorry for the first one that I had no idea what I was doing on. Well for my career plan I want to be a chef and the school I am looking for at the moment is in Las Vegas Nevada which has all of the cool ideas I have for those for those goals that I want is a 4 year college and I really hope I can get in there. If not I'll probably just go to like Central Washington or something to get a different degree right now it's like really not matter cos I'm still very young. So yeah this is my my patio assignment or Digitools(?) and that's all.

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Broadcast 7 years ago
by Evan's phlog

Wait what. What is the hash key. Hi my name is Evan and I have no idea what I'm doing. So don't mess with me. Yeah I'm talking to you. Also that without the hash key.

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