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Hi Enrique, this is Mrs Ross. I'm very excited. Our fun day is coming up this Thursday. We're gonna start with our awards at 9:45 and as soon as they're over around 10:00 we're gonna begin doing our activities for fun day. Please make sure that you are wearing clothes so you can get messy and we're gonna have all kinds of fun stuff like painting on the sen(?). We're gonna have a water table outside brace and get wet and wild. We're gonna have bubbles and side walk chalk and all kinds of parents around to help us. After that we're gonna have our hot dog lunch. Please make sure to invite your parents. We wanted to make sure that everybody has someone there to have fun with us on our fun day. Thursday is also half day so when fun day is over if you wanna go home with your parents that's fine with me. I hope that weekend have a wonderful fun day. So that we're ready for the end of the year. You guys are almost ready for kindergarten. Great job.

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Hey PK(?), this is Mrs Ross. I was just calling to remind you and let you know that Thursday is our fun day. All parents are invited. We will be giving out awards first thing in the morning after breakfast right around 9:30 and the actual fun activities will start at 9:45 followed by a hot dog lunch and then you're more than welcome to take your children home. Thursday is a half day. Please make sure to dress them in something that they can get messy in

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