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Elite Business Systems

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Broadcast 6 years ago
by Elite Business Systems


Hi everybody this is the second message. Wanted to get back across about the safe side to Bellview ___. So either to leave a message and then phone call us and send it out to your organization or we'll give you the toll free no. 0800999111 leave your message and press the hash key. You need to enter your code for your channel and they're on your way cutting you ___. Bye.

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Broadcast 6 years ago at Musan, North Hamgyong, North Korea
by Elite Business Systems

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Hey everybody welcome to the first iPadio(?) call for event organization to sited(?) about this 2 we're gonna be using and I just wanted to booklet(?) this message to you. The successful grand opening done Musan(?) and with the Somoset(?) taking people at the lunch absolutely amazing but a few people interested in the product someone ready to go in the business schedule in the next month. So very exciting to be able to let you know what happening in the organization. Chat to you soon.

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