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Broadcast 4 years ago
by Darcy 's channel

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Hi Daniel, how are you?

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Broadcast 4 years ago at Antelope Creek, Harlowton, Mt 59036, USA
by Darcy 's channel

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teamwork attitude, graduate class, comfortable place

Members of the cascade job for Montana graduate class have been taking the time to develop skills we will need when entering the work force. These skills include teamwork attitude and organization. Recently we have to conclusion that we are missing an important part of beginning a new career working with individuals we don't know. Caspin(?) High School has become a comfortable place for students because we know each other as well as our teachers on a personal level. To break away from our comfort zone we proposed a student swap base with you schools around our area. Our idea is that students would would schedule for one day to learn what it is like in a different school with the group of people they don't know. We would contact other schools around the area who are looking to do the same. This would benefit ourselves as individuals as well as our

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