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Claire Making Waves

Channel Image Sundry thoughts of a PR professional, working mother of two and phlogging enthusiast!
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Broadcast 8 years ago
by Claire Making Waves

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Hi, hit me out of these sports here this football league. The junior cup(?) semi finals and Chelvo(?) has just been playing nope, they just checked on me that they play, has time, has time Raven ___. It has been an absolutely electrifying(?) match with giving their all, that the moments when balls should have gone in seizing ___ balls, but just that's how's the kids have given it their all. End of their match was really really really close. We score away, in the last few minutes, the Chelvo(?) Team managed their goal the final goal making the score 3 2 which was how, just how close it was. The guys have all done really really well. Abad Santos and Chelvo(?) deserve a

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