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Cheyenne's phlog

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Broadcast 6 years ago
by Cheyenne's phlog

___ Adam father of the American Revolution was born on September 27th 1722 Boston Massachusetts. Faren(?) Adam has many nicknames including the Fire Ren(?) of the American Revolution Patriarch(?) of Liberty and the father of the American Revolution because of his early stands against the tyranny of Great Britain and his features in reigning that ___ American Colony in to the fight for freedom. He also signed the declaration of independence in the articles of con federation. Faren(?) Adam also did many great things for our country like turning us on to Liberty and organizing the first committee of correspondence. He also wrote an article for the Boston Gazette from October 17th 1768 and he talked about the soldiers in the American Rev in the American Revolution. Faren(?) Adam also said it is

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Broadcast 7 years ago
by Cheyenne's phlog

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