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GameFace Weekly Presents: The Baseline

Channel Image The Baseline is a weekly NBA Podcast hosted by Cal "GameFace" Lee(GameFace Weekly) and Warren Shaw(ShawSports.net) We discuss the Hot Button Topics of the NBA featuring special guests analysts and athletes who like to "Ball Til They Fall". Check out one of the Hottest NBA Sportscasts on the scene. Be Sure to like us on FaceBook at GameFace Weekly and Shaw Sports
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Cal Lee and Warren Shaw discuss Knicks, Nets, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Portland Trailblazers, and Anthony Davis.

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Dubbed the "Black & Blue" Division of the NBA, Cal Lee & Warren Shaw with Special Guest AJ from TalkinHoopz.com help dissect the Atlantic as we continue our Divisional Previews before 2013-14 Tip Off. 1) Did the New York Knicks overachieve? With its newest additions will the renovated Knicks look as classy as last season's successful run at the Finals? 2) The Brooklyn Nets were far from quiet in the offseason. With its new seasoned veterans Pierce, Garnett, Terry and Kirilenko added to the mix, is it Championship or Bust for the Nets? 3) The Big 3 ..gone..Doc Rivers..gone. All there is left is Rondo.. but is the grass still Green as ever with a revamped and Youth-enized Celtic Team? 4) Toronto Raptors. New Management .. New Mindset. Is it Their Time? 5) Since AI's departure, the Answer for Philly to stay relevant in their own Division continues to be a question that baffles us, will Brett Brown finally help solve this hardwood quandary

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The SouthWest Division can easily be argued as one of the toughest and most talent heavy of all the divisions of the NBA. Cal Lee and Warren Shaw probe further into 5 teams who have the pedigree and personnel to make a run for the Western Conference Finals. 1) Do the Spurs have the Horses to maintain their level of dominance in this division? 2) With the loss of Lionel Hollins running the show, can Dave Joerger help the Memphis Grizzlies duplicate their impressive run from last year? 3) Now that Houston has their "RocketMan", is the tandem of Harden,Howard & Parsons the new "SuperTeam" of the division? 4) After an injury-riddled season of mediocrity and a quiet offseason, can the Dallas Mavericks bounce back and keep up with rest of the SouthWest? 5) The team formerly known as the Pelicans made some major offseason moves, and their Youth Movement is in tact, but can their young studs grow quickly into thoroughbreds by seasons end? We answer it all on The BASELINE.

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Cal Lee and Warren Shaw kickoff their 2013-14 NBA Preview as they get you geared up with all you need to know about the Southeastern Division: 1) Can Lebron and the Heat Dynasty continue its Triumphant Campaign on this Division. 2) With a Healthy John Wall, are the Wizards #WallIn to make a competitive run against the Heat 3)AL Horford maybe the last man standing in Atlanta, but will his newest sidekick Paul Milsap make the Hawks a legitimate contender in the SouthEast? 4) The Bobcats soon to be the Hornets have lived in an Empty Nest at the bottom of their division for some years, will the signing of Al Jefferson forge a new and successful chapter to be written for the Cats? 5) Magic GM Rob Hanigan doesn't believe in smoking mirrors, so are the Magic expecting their 1st Round Draft Pick Victor Oladipo to help their offense reappear? We got your answers and more on The Baseline: SouthEast Division Preview

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Cal Lee and Mo Johnson of ShawSportsMLB breakdown and discuss the intense AL & NL WILD CARD CHASE and Give Introspect on Yankee Greats Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettite. All this and more on our KickOff Show called Painting the Black

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Are you ready for some Football? The Boys from GameFace Weekly are. Cal Lee and Mike D get you primed up for another exciting season of NFL Football with our new show called The 5th Qtr. Catch us on a weekly basis as we give you insight and fan analysis throughout the NFL Season. We breakdown the week that was, the week that is and provide some FANTASY Football KnoHow leading into the week. Keep us Locked!

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In this week's edition of the Baseline: We delve into the surly and unsavory trendz plaguing NBA Players and Coaches caught up on the wrong side of the law. We Breakdown the impact of the Caron Butler Trade from Phoenix to Milwaukee Breakout Cavaliers SG Dion Waiters is "serving" the NBA Notice The Black Mamba makes a big splash going Vine-Al! We talk Brad Stevens, Rajon Rando, and We Go ISO on the Career of Tracy McGrady All for You on this Week's Edition of THE BASELINE

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-More Progressive than your Friendly Neighborhood Car Insurance Policy Cal Lee and Warren Shaw tackle the latest in this weeks edition of THE BASELINE -Chris Paul is now HBIC (Head Baller In Charge) of the NBA Players Association: Is He Twice the Man the players need to succeed? -Allen Iverson officially calling it quits. We measure NBA's most complicated Answer -Jason Richardson on the mend Again: Are we seeing the last days of J-Rich? -Phil Jackson and the Lakers: The Saga Continues -Premier Blazers Forward Nicholas Batum shoots down Aldridge Trade Rumors -Celtics Acquire Star Guard Rajon Rondo a Personal Assistant Coach to "handle" him -The Curry Brothers United in Golden State - Houston Rockets keep things Brewing in the Offseason -Tony Wroten moved out of Memphis

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Cal Lee & Warren Shaw are back on the grind discussing OffSeason NBA activities & events. This week's show we tackle: -Available Free Agents: Who do you want to add on your team's roster? -Larry Sanders and Nikola Pekovic are Bigger Badder and Richer -Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens -New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets: Subway Series goes MSG -Dwayne and Kobe Bryant share something in common other than championship rings? -Dwight Howard Becoming a Jack of All Trades?

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Cal Lee and Warren Shaw weigh in on the Chaos we call NBA Free Agency.

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