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Everything happens for a reason. That's something everyone says. As a little girl I have a happy few months where I would go in places and doing things together. The thing we were living a good life As I finally getting older and older things change. My dad started to come in home late and just been making some bad choices. He would come home and he and my mom would start fighting. As a little kid you never want your parents do fight or specially got divorced. My mom trying to stay with my dad as long as she could after saw my mom sitting on her bed I realized if the divorce is what needs what needed to happen then I need to tell her it was ok. My mother always stay with my dad because of me. I was only 11 when they got divorced and when it was over everything was so different. We sold our house moment we're on our own and my dad were would just would. Got after the divorce my mom couldn't quite handle things with my dad's parents and they never did like going places without my mom after the divorce. Needless to say I didn't get to see my grandparents or my dad very much after things gone apart.

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I'm Alison Hicks and this is my paper. Nana is dead. The last I see my Nana go through cancer. Twice I seen her go to a surgery. Twice I see my best friend looks so hopeless that I just want to take her place. I love my Nana with all my heart. She's the lady I look up to more than anyone in this world because of who she is. Someone are tough in the manly way with their biceps and triceps(?) who scream hey welcome to the gun town. But when I say that my Nana is tough I mean she never complains about pain or never showed how truly scared she is in public. She battle everything she's got and always had and always will. When I was in fifth grade I remember the news of my Nana being sick. To me cancer was bad but I truly didn't understand the moment of how terrible it was. My Nana had a tumor between her pancreas and colon. As time goes on I can tell the disease is taking it's toll on her. Nana thought he was becoming more weak right in front of me and soon ___ from pushing your hand. My Nana just kept persevering(?) right through the pain that she's suffering from.

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My parents know that I had heard the words ___ we know what's best for you numerous times. Every time I heard them I would just let it go through one ear and out the other. I(?) think(?) how in the world did they know what's best for me. They have no idea what it feels like to be my age in this position. So now I have come to think differently. As a 17 year old it is hard for me like it would for any other teenager to admit my parents know what is best. I just now starting to realize this and I appreciate those many times my parents had spoken those words to me. A year ago I would never have admitted this and to be honest would have disagreed. My dad has always told me I had to be 16 before I get everybody ___. That was never a big concern to me because I've never been one of those girls that has to have a boyfriend all the time. I was always pretty content with sitting back and looking. I never really thought my dad was serious until I heard those words ___ when I was 15 then it was a concern. I had recently been stopped(?) by an older guy I had a crush on for the past 2 years.

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shelby parker, brother jacob, red corvette

This is Shelby Parker and I am recording ___ prayer from this on the English 4. My paper called God's Prayers and the song goes several God's prayers get unanswered prayers with the reality answers them all just gonna say it the we wanted to. He might pray for red Corvette but God knows if he had this ___ Corvette he drive too fast and have an accident so he dump his Corvette. To you it would be an unanswered prayer but in reality God answers your prayers ___. There are many times prayers being unanswered, by looking back we can see the best answers. In 2007 after my family were gone to Monosol(?) Kentucky while the other half ___ Winters(?) Kentucky. My mom ___ offered a job to be the director of ___ Cantel(?) independent school. My brother Elie and I moved with mom and my other brother Jacob stay with my dad. This was a really hard time for our family because we were ___ separated. From the beginning prayed and prayed that dad will find a job closed to.

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My name is Susie Pitman(?) and I'm recording this sublet(?) essay for my ___ English four(?) class and my title is just like your mom. You look just like your mom. At nearly every kid has probably heard this about looks, speech or even eating habit. As I got older this phrase came to mean something totally different for me. They put pressure on me to excel in school and now make certain ___ last choices(?). I'm like my mom at 17 in more ways than just looks. We're both of very high intelligence and at 17 she's college ___ like I am today. Instead she got to my dad a week after her 18th birthday and was pregnant with me before she graduated. This wasn't common in early 1990s. It still isn't heard of today. So it shouldn't bother me but it does. My entire family especially my mom's parents have this year I will choose to go down the same path. None of the men and few of the women in my immediate family have graduated High School. So I have all the ___

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