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I think flogging(?) will be good for debate class. I think it really help out on the preparation for the speeches just to be able to hear yourself and like going ___ you can make corrections and see where you need more work to do. It's like saying your speeches ___ but you can play it back only after say it once. So it'd be helpful in the preparation a lot and you wouldn't have to pay as much cos it would type it our for you. So I think this could be a good thing for the debate classes in the future.

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It's Alex again and today we are debating if the verdict for a mocktrial was fair. I would say that the verdict for the trial in our debate class was not fair and the main reason is that there just wasn't enough time for everything. First the jury did not have enough time to come up with a good verdict. They were rushed in their decision. They only had probably 40, half an hour to make the decision and that's just not enough time. They were still in the middle of debating and maybe some people could have changed their minds. So again just because of the time the decision was not unanimous. in that case of hazing it was 7 0 but in manslaughter it was 4 3 something like that and I think with more time we would had a better case.

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Broadcast 3 years ago
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flood, alex

Hey, this is Alex. This is my first phlog. We have to do it for debate class. Hope you enjoy.

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