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Broadcast about a year ago at Hershey, PA, USA
by Alyssa's channel

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Tags: EDIM510, Wilkes, ClassroomPractices

Hello my name is Alyssa Karakaydo(?) and today I'm gonna talk about a few of my successful classroom ___. Number one ___ for school my first year of teaching I had really laid back office. My students both six and eight got away with a lot of things looking back to have never occurred and then on my first year one of my students like me more than anything I quickly realized that is not what teaching is all about. It doesn't matter if you're friends with your student because respect is more important. My second year I ___ classroom environment in a completely different way. I clearly stated the rules and more importantly the consequences on day one of class so see breaking the rules I turned to correct their own behavior. Before I knew it my students are following the rules all of the time instead of some of the time I realized that effective classroom practices is clearly to set rules or rate the students expectations and follow through with something goes wrong number two always have a routine in my classroom no matter what they date my students coming get there sit down and you never know when.

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___ place to work so that's twice but you know from innovation(?) systems from the is ___ very mixed reaction mainly positive people into film since they love this so much running about his previous films but I don't know it tells about how movies into plenty applications between his his previous films. Now the Tree of Life are you know prolong to production prolong editing period finally I mean some part is will come out kinda last year and it come this year one time this year and it's been getting very good ___ across the board but the film sort of I mean I don't know if they can break it down into 3 parts maybe even 2 and you could say it is a film that on one side it's about childhood on another side could be ___ but it's really I mean there's a

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Broadcast 2 years ago at 28 Mi Mi Rd, Aldgate SA 5154, Australia
by ozesteph1992's phlog

Tags: 23regionthings

Hi Beck and Elvis. I thought we talking about audio. I I might as well use audio not just talking about it and giving that been talking already about 20 or more replies to discussion boards ___ I thought that just comes in handy now. I'm going to record and send my reply to you discussion post you did ___ yeah I know my kids are the same. You know they love technology and my two and a half year one he knows it's way around the iPhone and yes now the pictures disappear it disappear or he presses the wrong button and it says bye now and yeah you got to be careful so thank goodness there's some making the scenes(?) in there that you can stop things happening.

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James's phlog - phlog (17559) image uploaded on 04-Feb-10

Development life-cycle and software structures / assignment 2

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