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Intervals - phlog (17697) image uploaded on 07-Apr-10
Broadcast 2 years ago at Oxford, MA, USA
by Intervals

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Tags: boston red socks, major league baseball, daylight savings time

I’m so happy that major league baseball is back. My beloved Boston Red Sox lost their first game, but as the season opens, I am ever hopefully for a world championship to be ours in October. Play Ball!!

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 Image (107617) image uploaded on 03-11-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 410-498 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
by Mr. Cobb's

Tags: time world champion, national bridge, world sea

Hello parents welcome to our newest update on our 7th grade class trip Podcast. We just came from our wild west show. Here with a couple of guys. What do you think about the show? It was awesome. There's this girl that did a pistol and a whip show. That's right. Do you remember her name Mason? Pistol Packing(?) Polo(?). That's right. Pistol Packing(?) Polo(?). She did some amazing tricks with her pistols and she also did some webs(?). She has strong credentials. Didn't she? What do you think about that? Yeah. Yeah. What are her credentials? You know. Two time world champion. Right. Yeah ___ world champion she won lots. That's right. It's pretty cool. So anyway had a great show after that we came out the wind came in a little bit here. The cold front setting in still really nice here that we're looking forward to tomorrow. Do you remember what we're doing tomorrow? We're gonna go to the San Francisco I mean Sea World. Sea World yes San Francisco is not in our itinerary but we are going to National Bridge Cabarens(?) in the morning and then to Sea World. So looking forward to that having a great night here and parents thanks for taking in

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 Image (105578) image uploaded on 25-10-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Righteous Indignation

How former heavyweight world champion boxer Nikolai Valuev fared on his expedition to find the yeti. Plus Sally Morgan, illiteracy amongst podcast hosts and ghosts with a liking for phone shops.

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In The News: On Facebook, Twitter and iTunes - channel image uploaded on 28-Jan-11

Among notable celebrating birthdays today the 29th day of August. Senator John McCain 75. Actor Elliot Goolds(?) 73. Michael Jackson would have been 53. Actress Rebecca De Mornay is 52, remember her from the Tom Cruise classic film Risky Business she played the prostitute. In the news a woman won the 16th air guitar world championships. I guess this once again proves a woman can do anything a man can do no matter how pathetic. Irene's brain and win highest rain fall and wind totals according to wacky(?) weather ___ North Carolina with 14ins of rain win gas(?) Seether(?) Island North Carolina 115mph. All of that photo of the sharks swimming down at Puerto Rico streets flooded by the hurricane is been making the rounds on line. It was picked up by web sites broadcast on a TV.

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 Image (92273) image uploaded on 10-08-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by England Athletics News

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Laura talks to Chris Minn on her selection for the IAAF World Championships and how the England Championships were a turning point in her season. Find more on London's athletics scene and Olympic legacy at www.londonathletics.org.

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 Image (91158) image uploaded on 02-08-11
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Run England

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Former WBO Cruiserweight World Champion, Sky Sports pundit and regular runner Sheffield's Johnny Nelson spoke to Run England Communications Officer Nick Howard at the Sheffield launch event.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Alison's channel

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Tags: nakel, world championships

Once again the Nakel(?) Terr(?) the dominant of course in the N B O and then they won 27 World Championships blowing all other teams out of the world.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago at 103 N Main St, Rosendale, WI 54974, USA
by Gumersindo's phlog

Tags: time world champion, olympic gold medalist, boxing gloves

Hello friends, it's Good(?) Rosendale again. As you seem to pose on my Facebook you have seen that 2 time World Champion an Olympic gold medalist(?) Maltrud(?) Taylor has come to my aid as well. He has a ten page(?) of autographed boxing gloves that we will auction have(?) for my benefit. We will also have a special and broke 2 separate(?) in Glory and maybe something like at the autograph gloves and ticket to Brook(?) for a half price or free. I'm not sure how they gonna plan it but either way now it's a blessing hope ___ to to my good funeral(?) to come to aid like us and I'll all can have a champion that love to tail and looking out for me and that fully appreciate it

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British Handball Men's U21 World Championship Qualification  - phlogcast (52950) image 1 uploaded on 04-Jan-11
Broadcast 3 years ago at Nové Veselí, Vysocina, Ceská republika, CZ
by Latest Phlog

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Tags: GB Handball, U21 World Championship Qualification, Czech Republic

Bill Baillie GB Handball Men's U21 Coach reporting from the Czech Republic

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A mother's perspective - phlogcast (49710) image 1 uploaded on 03-Dec-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Lublin, Lubelskie, Polska, PL
by Latest Phlog

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Tags: British Handball, Nina Heglund, asker norway

Denise Heglund, mother of Nina, GB's youngest national team player, is in Poland watching the team.

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