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Broadcast about a year ago at TriBeCa, New York, NY, USA
by jackie's channel

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Tags: ipads, kindergarten teacher, ipad

Hi I am Jackie Tatton(?) a kindergarten teacher. I am excited to be part of this wonderful group of techno scientist. I enjoy growing with my students in integrating(?) technology in to the classroom daily. Inter class you will find student learning with the iPad and it's many apps are maybe see the audio books and much much more you will find them on the computers you will find them taking and interfering with each other with iPad now and we love the iPads and our favorite thing is when we get to Skype with our New York friends. ___ using the smart pin and I do too would ask like another teacher. I have enjoyed collaborating and look forward to continuing to grow with the group. So when you ask my students what did you do at school today and they say I just played on iPad please don't understand them for you see they're learning as a play they're learning to enjoy and be successful in their work in ___

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by D's phlog

Tags: wonderful group, good fun, dawn

Ok this is Dawn ___ at O C B C on, what day is it today, 4th of January ___ a wonderful group of teaching ___ I'm going to come to just someone and I'd like you to just say hello. Hello. Thank you. Ok. Are you having good fun with this little training? Yeah. Thank you.

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Terry's phlog - phlog (28757) image uploaded on 15-Jun-10
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Tellio's AudioBlog

Tags: office announcement, science area, pod cast

Ok I'm here with wonderful group of teachers. We're talking about iPadio and we're also talking about Skype in webcam. Does anybody here think they might use pod cast right here in the classroom work. What might to you? I think it might be really good to use. Where in we could respond for internet so we could gets do ___ office announcement taught thing. Yeah. Did you ever think that you might be able to use at ease in pod cast for? I teach Science. I can think of several uses in the science area that our subjects would be very good for explanations maybe whether or web system on to ___ another contest. Anybody else have an ideas that they might be use to ___ pod cast for inch classroom. Read books for other students

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Kris's phlog - phlog (36192) image uploaded on 07-Mar-11

Hi guys I'm driving to the airport right now. I hope you get this thlog(?). I hope you remember how to find it. It's T H L O G. I hope you're being very nice to Mr Williams and that you're going to do all the wonderful things that I expect of you. I'm gonna have a great time. I'm gonna be on the airplane at about 10:00 and thinking about you guys and how a wonderful group hug was yesterday and how supportive you all are for each other and every morning I, I look forward to my first block(?) class. So take care and have a wonderful day and a wonderful week and I'll talk to you later. Bye bye.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by D's phlog

Tags: stafford college, wonderful group, teaching staff

Ok, I'm here at Stafford College and it's Friday the 11th of February and I'm with the wonderful group of of teaching staff here and welcome to everybody. What I'd like you to do is to say hello to me. Hello. I'm learning all about iPadio. How this tool could be used to give feedback to to students. Bye bye. Bye.

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Barbara's phlog - phlog (28880) image uploaded on 30-Jul-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Westminster, Greater London, UK, GB
by Bellgoebel's phlog

Tags: foreign language club, club kids, wonderful group

This is my 1st Ipadio(?) Broadcast and I just wanted to to kind of touch base with my daughter who is travelling with wonderful group of foreign language club kids should be in London today. So if you happen to hear this please post one for me too. This is Barbara and I'll try again another day. Thank you. Bye.

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Friday Night Service October 9, 2009 Simchat Torah / Consecration - phlogcast (10640) image 1 uploaded on 10-Oct-09
Broadcast 4 years ago at Multnomah, OR, USA, US
by Michael's phlog

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Tags: rabbi michael cahana, shabbat, Synagogue

Congregatin Beth Israel, Portland, Oregon. Shalom, this is Rabbi Michael Cahana. It is Simchat Torah, the celebration of the Torah. We are celebrating our consecration of our first graders and we are about to begin the service. I'm standing here with the whole wonderful group of first grade children and they are going to help us lead the service and we're gonna dance with the Torah.

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