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Government IQ - phlog (32321) image uploaded on 25-Oct-10
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Government IQ

Tags: welcome greg, greg hunt, climate change

Yo it's Lane Callahasam(?) Government IQ. Welcome to the podcast for Inscribe(?) the risk management for government 2011. Looking beyond implementation and unlocking the full potential of your ARM strategies. Joining us today for this live interview is Greg Hunt executive officer of the Southeast Council Climate Change Alliance. Welcome Greg. Thank you very much Lone(?) and thanks for the opportunity to be talking about well I think it's an exceptionally important issue so part of that response to climate change. Thanks for being here Greg. So Greg would you gobble(?) to tell us just a little about your role at the Southeast Council Climate Change Alliance. Yes we one of the team Climate Change Alliance is you and Victoria with groupings and local governments that are making project responses to climate change. So the local government believe it's a whole range of services to communities and the climate change has potential to disrupt a lot of services.

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