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Broadcast 2 years ago at Tracy, CA, USA
by Tracy's phlog

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Hi Travis, this is Tracy. Well my professor just told me about this app called iPadio(?) and we have use it for a class. You don't care about that but I learned that I can record my self it's basically like Hay(?) Tone(?) I don't know if you know about this but the best way to describe it it's like a walkie talkie so I can record my self and then I can send it to you so it's like grabbing a phone call but we're not because I'm here and you're across the world. So I'm just testing out right now because I mean I'm probably gonna send you a message from the the entire club. I mean it's not a big deal but I just wanted to test it and see if it works. So yeah and then I'll send this to you on Facebook which you'll see when you get on Facebook.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

A brief introduction to the SCANTEK 2000 computer lab

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 Image (29161) image uploaded on 23-04-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Just some stuff

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CC reviews the touch-to-talk app

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