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Broadcast about a year ago
by Rebeca's phlog

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Tags: attendee, twister, questionnaire

Hi ___. Hello. Hello hopefully this is working now. So I would say basically just explain what ___ again. So my temptation question is using twister as a tool for the engagement during defense missing at the attendee reception and ___ indication so what I'm doing is seeing ___ and understanding message with there and asking people who attended the event to this ___ and giving them questionnaire but I don't know gonna basically compared to two and see whether is a match and ___

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phlog (207) image uploaded on 16-Apr-09
Broadcast 2 years ago at 53 Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1A 2, UK
by Claire Making Waves

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Tags: london riots, twister, hash

Hi this is Claire the most amazing thing is happening this morning all across Twister(?) rather than everybody covering the London riots or the riots around the country people are following a hash tag Twister(?) free(?).

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Darcy's phlog

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Tags: best film, neighbor, trilogy

Next was a re watch of Twister3(?) which I think slipped into my 10 at about yeah no. 10. Now it probably be you know 14 15 but it's too bloody strong. I think so hard to choose between the 3, I think I usually go back to the original because it's got sort of sort of like each one has done ___ like a yeah the first one was the neighbor, second one was just the fact that this is quite describing(?) as though wanted like a between ___ and this is like the one with the best film in Watso(?). I'd, maybe doesn't feel as fresh but I mean the thing is this is the hardest trilogy to decipher for each film and everybody is out(?) too much consist to thrill you were is actually the best. We'll and I know it is the best because back the feature

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iPhone Phlog (42439) image uploaded on 09-10-10

Hello I'm James Armally(?) editor of the Post Solution. Join me later today for live updates from the finances vital rally outside the Treasury protesting against cost to the Science budget we'll hopefully be bringing you live interviews talk chat buzz from the event all very much life live and very much quickly it doesn't make sense grammatical sense but I assure you the courage we're better than that straight to twister straight to the Post Solution website so do do tune in later today Liz Mayo also talk on the thing Liz do you ___ the protest yeah that level of enthusiasm this is gonna be a winner yeah that's more I like it. Brought to you by the Post Solutions W W W dot Post Solutions dot CO(?) dot UK.

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Wesley's phlog - phlog (2527) image uploaded on 04-May-10
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Wesley's phlog

Tags: story, toy, toystory

Hi, I'm Rachel and I made a blog post about Twister. It's named my ideas about Twister. Twister is a good movie. I wonder if I could change it. I would go all the way back to one. Woody was alone then he found Buzz, Rex, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Jessie and Balls Eye. They ___ Andy bought them at a garage sale. They loved it there. Thank you.

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iPhone Phlog (12163) image uploaded on 03-Nov-09

If you've been anywhere near twister this morning you probably seen people posting links to the daily mail website and then ask for a bite Ann Wilson entitled Yes Scientist Do Most Good but a contraband by this arrogant god(?) uncertainty would should be hell on earth. It's about the setting off David Knots for giving drugs advise in his role as drugs adviser to the government. But what's really surprising about the article not surprising really but horrifying is that Wilson seems to break the one role of wining an argument on the internet by invoking the analysis. Now I love a invoking analysis in argument but that's because I'm a bad person but Wilson does the classic God winds law of thing here of lifening(?) scientist to the nazis(?) and

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phlog (484) image uploaded on 26-Apr-09
Broadcast 4 years ago
by The Children's Trust Phlogs

Tags: tongue twister, world record, wes

Hi this is Liz from the Launch of the and the carpenter in Chelsea and I'm battling the technology and joined by Con and Wes children also an illustrator. He's been joining us today and presented the price to Franchesca for the winning poem in our new book and Collin has entertain everybody stay with some of his ___ and he's gonna entertain you now. I think it's a good time for tongue twister and this is advice about buying a suburban and it goes like this. To begin to bargain first buy to bargain but to buy begin to bargain and to begin to bargain is not bargain to buy to begin to the bargain. The more you say them to yourself the quicker you, you get it doing them and I had a lots of practice of this and so I'm gonna try for a world record with that one now to begin to bargain first buy to bargain but to don't buy to begin to bargain cos to bigger to bargain is to bigger to bargain

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