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 Image (1572642) image uploaded on 14-02-14
Broadcast 2 months ago at LaktaĊĦi, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Military Social Media

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Social Ops is a new podcast navigating the Influence Activity Battlefield. n this third edition Nicole and David discuss Social Media and Influence Activity both in a civilian and military context, and talk about the Bosnian Spring, Crisis Comms and politics in Social Media. How do you ensure what you see is true? How to measure believability? How to conduct Damage Limitation. David has set up a LIVE auto-updating aggregator of tweets from the "Bosnia Spring" at http://www.rebelmouse.com/ProtestsBiH/ to show the "conversation flow" and Nicole suggests some further reading at https://econ.duke.edu/uploads/media_items/snyderwine-dictator-s-dilemma-final.original.pdf Social Ops is a collaboration between http://wwwsocialmediamonster.com.au and http://www.militarysocialmedia.eu

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Broadcast 6 months ago at East Garden City, NY, USA
by Justin's channel

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 Image (347040) image uploaded on 19-03-13

Cal Lee & Warren Shaw talk Kobe v Dahntay Jones. We speak on the Tweets of the Week. We give our Boiler Room Picks and go Full Court Press on the New York Knicks. Also we give our GameFacials of the Week

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 Image (61884) image uploaded on 22-01-13

My comments on the late breakfast Twitter. I would like The late breakfast Tiwtter profile design to reflect the values of the brand and the group. Making it friendly as possible. With correct branding and communication about our values. Using the right images and the right content. I use Twitter as a conduit to share information about events, guests, speakers and sponsors as well as information that would be interesting to our followers such as business tips and anything else that would help a business to grow and succeed. As The Late Breakfast has a very active account. There are opportunities to re tweet, respond and some opportunities to send direct messages. Events are promoted on a regular basis. Measuring success ionTwitter for the late breakfast is 750+ relevant followers and regular retweets.

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 Image (185750) image uploaded on 08-08-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Ron's phlog

Tags: Indigenous

Hey World, Ron Mader here. It is Tuesday August 7th and it is day 2 of the indigenous people week. The challenge we've set out for you today is to show something you've curated: a Flickr gallery, a Pinterest album, a story on Storify or a Youtube playlist. These are things that you can do today or any time - every day is a good day for indigenous tourism and every day is a good day to be nice to people be generous and to curate. It said online today I posted the screencast of (?) and that's a good document for viewing and listening and to see where we're going here in Wohaka(?). To wrap up here are some of the Tweets from today as seen on Storify.com. My Mayo(?) Women Center cultural tourism Guatemala (?)

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 Image (182513) image uploaded on 01-08-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Ron's phlog

Tags: peoples week, month of august, august 6th

Hey world, Ron Mader here. Just to remind you that Monday August 6th to Sunday August 12th we are celebrating indigenous peoples week it's a great way to kick off the month of August and I will be reading the tweets about indigenous people and tourism #ipw2012 and recording here on Ipadio Details on the Planeta Wiki http://planeta.wikispaces.com/indigenousweek Vocal stylings in the background from Miguel Angel Vargas, co-founder of the Zinacantli Rugby Club http://oaxaca.wikispaces.com/rugby

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 Image (181492) image uploaded on 29-07-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Anne's channel

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Tags: DC ITQ, Topic 13

Hello everyone and welcome to topic 13 of the DC ITQ. Tweet, tweet, tweet! Even if they've never touched a computer or mobile phone your learners will have heard of Twitter. Anyone who reads a newspaper, watches TV or listens to the radio can't fail to have seen the bluebird logo or heard that the latest celebrity gossip has been "tweeted". Your learners may be intrigued, excited or simply terrified! But you can have fun showing them what it's all about. The 140 character limit on tweets means that you have to think carefully about what you want to say - you need to make your message short and snappy. If you like, you can have fun creating quizzes using that 140 character limit. In the forum we'll be asking you to think of an ice-breaker based around that idea. Apart from Twitter we'll also be thinking about how you promote your DC events - you want loads of people to turn-up. We'll share some helpful ideas. Enjoy this topic - happy tweeting!

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This is the Twitter profile for BlueBar(?). I have chosen an image. I think I creates the atmosphere of BlueBar(?). First of all we used to connect with people just in create with ID and inform them of what BlueBar(?) can offer and also general info about ___. I hope to increase the people following BlueBar(?) and reach 18 we currently have we currently have 78 followers. My hope to increase their number by 20 in the next month. Also we have eight hundred and seventy eight lights. I would like to increase that to 900 in 2 months. I will use two alerts about the sites to monitor what people are saying about BlueBar(?) checking followers and unfollowing any unsailory(?) tweets. Thank you.

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 Image (131166) image uploaded on 19-02-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at Zacatecas, Mexico
by Ron's phlog

Tags: responsible tourism, tweets, tweet

Hey World(?), Ron Moter(?) here in Wahaca(?) Mexico. We're reading a tweet for the final day of responsible tourism week and wanna thank everyone who has tweeted who has blogged who has done all sorts of things online and on the ground in favour of responsible tourism week. Today reading for the final time the tweets from Storify(?) dot com my account that focuses on RT week 2012. I'll continue to update this particular page and I encourage you to continue tweeting with the RT week 2012 hash tag but more than that you know hash tag aside just simply practice responsible tourism you know that's reward enough. That said, we proceed to reading the tweets I couldn't be more excited it is

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