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Just when you thought that normalcy would return to the NBA after an historic NBA FInals w the Spurs v Heat. Danny Ainge and The Boston Celtics kick off the NBA offseason with an unparalled move that send Head Coach Doc Rivers to the LA Clippers for future 1st Round Draft Pick. Cal Lee and Warren Shaw weigh on this mind boggling move with long term impact on both sides and the NBA.

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This last Topic in the DC ITQ concentrates on bringing all your learning to a conclusion and making sure you are set up to go forth and deliver digital championing with confidence. In the first Section we will look at ideas and signposting for keeping your digital skills in tip top condition as a DC. In Sections 2 and 3 we are going to explore the very important issue of sustainability. All DCs need to think about the long term impact and viability of their activities. That doesn’t mean that they have to deliver rolling DCing without end, class after class, learner session after learner session. What it does mean is that whatever learning and learners they support, they do it with a view to that learning and those learners being sustained in their digital skills activities well into the future. Sustainable learning can be learning in which you, the DC, is no longer involved! That’s because the people you taught or mentored or supported have taken that mantle on themselves, whether by becoming self-sufficient or by cascading their skills and experiences on to someone else. Section 4 is really just a reminder of all the DC skills we’ve covered through the syllabus and some signposting for when you’ve left the Academy. There are two tasks for your Topic 16 document, one is in Section 1 and the second in Section 5. There’s a final forum activity in Section 4 and you will also need to make a DC ITQ learner declaration before you submit your final documents to your portfolio – it’s made clear in Section 5. This is a very reflective Topic, in which all the things you’ve been working on and thinking about are pulled together. There’s less doing and more reading and contemplating. We hope it is a fitting end to your DC ITQ journey. As ever, we suggest that you work through this Topic sequentially. Links to external resources will open in a new window or tab. Click the Next arrow to go to the next section.

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