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Colton's phlog - phlog (30918) image uploaded on 13-Sep-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at D31, 63950 Saint-Sauves-d'Auvergne, France
by Colton's phlog

Tags: evergreen solar, stock report, star quality

Welcome to the Scope and Stock report. Reporting from the Fax Par. First of three Evergreen Solar. It is last trade was 87 cents and it is predicted to go up to 15 dollars. See everyone is gonna be buying for the panel. Second it is Tri(?) Star Quality Care it's last trade is 6000 42 cents and it's predicted to go up 200 percent which is gonna be about 18 dollars. Third Traft(?) Up it is 3 dollars and 20 cents right now and it's predicted to go up to at least 50 per stock no. 5 is all I can gamble. It is 12 dollars and 27 cents as predicted to go between links 25 dollars and the next one is Hors(?) Hors(?) had as ___.

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Colton's phlog - phlog (30918) image uploaded on 13-Sep-10

Hello welcome to companies stock report. Today I'm going to tell you about 2 stocks that had chosen and ___ tell you about Wal Mart and Visa I've chosen at Wal Mart because within the last few weeks we'll probably going up due to black Friday and Christmas shopping around the corner as awful awful chose this due to major shopping and charging on the card for buying for like Christmas gifts. I'm not today Wal Mart is up 21 cents and they're last trade was 52 dollars and 98 cents and Visa is up to dollar 24 and ___ 76 94. I predict that Wal Mart will go up 2 3 dollars after the selling of gifts and I also predict that this will go up 5 to 6 dollars after the Christmas Season.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by jake's phlog

Tags: x box 360, point six, stock reports

Hello, this is Jake's Broadcast bringing you live stock reports. First, I've ___ an armor 150 at $40.9 a share. A reading appearing gram with Masio(?) up in realty. This up coming honey season it should have boost to at least fifty dollars a share. Secondly about Wal Mart at one hundred fifty dollars at fifty two point six six dollars a share. A brand new release of popular gaming halo reach and other related items like it's new limited edition X Box 360 console and X Box 360 slims. It sure to boost it's about at least 60 dollars a share. Thank you for listening to Jake's Broadcast. I will be getting back to you soon.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Olivia's phlog

Tags: stock report, olivia, verizon

Hi this is Olivia Stock Report ___ this week and ___ few companies that are ___ AT&T and Verizon.

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