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 Image (128226) image uploaded on 11-04-14
Broadcast 5 days ago at Holland, NY, USA
by Amanda's channel

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This mini case study is based on research of an International provider of Adult Education. Hi Everyone, this is Amanda Gonter. “It takes the brain six minutes to die once oxygen is cut off. It can take a person as little as five minutes to bleed to death. Bones that are not set, may never hold weight. Cuts that are not cleaned can become infected. In the minutes after a trauma, how the body is treated can make a world of difference to the outcome, and time is of the essence” (Kathleen Northridge). St. John Ambulance, “believes that it’s absolutely unacceptable that so many people die needlessly – because no one could give them first aid when they needed it” (“About us”, 2012). St. John Ambulance is an organization and charity that provides adults, and even high school students, of any race or gender with the essential knowledge, skills, and training to perform first aid and CPR in emergency situations. St. John Ambulance is a form of nonformal education supported by local communities located in London, England. The overall mission of St. John Ambulance is to “provide an effective and efficient charitable first aid service to local communities, to give training and products to satisfy first aid and related health and safety needs for all of society, and to encourage personal development for individuals through training and by membership of our organization” (“Vision”, 2012). Nonformal Education similar to St. John Ambulance is also found in the United States. The Amercian Red Cross is non-profit organization that offers a variety of instructional courses catered to the field of medical emergencies and situations. The American Red Cross, mission statement states, “The emergency responder. The lifeguard at your local pool. A trusted babysitter. Each year, an average of more than 9 million people gain the skills they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies through American Red Cross training classes, including First Aid, AED and CPR training. Get engaged. Get certified. Get inspired - while learning an important new skill, you’re in the right place” (“Workplaces”, 2014). Both St. John Ambulance and The American Red Cross provide effective courses regarding health and safety and almost mirror one another. Although, I did notice some differences, for instance, St. John Ambulance offered unique certifications such as fire marshal training, stress management, and moving and handling (teaching individuals to lift properly in the workplace) while The American Red Cross offered training in disaster relief, and lifeguarding. Specifically regarding First Aid, the course duration was quite different, as mentioned previously, St. John Ambulance’s session was three days and The American Red Cross was only two to five hours. The courses are also broken down differently for instance the material covered in First Aid at St. John Ambulance, might be covered in CPR and AED in the American Red Cross. Honestly, I was quite surprised to find that my particular International Adult Education choice to be almost parallel with one of the American providers of a similar program. I found this mini case study to be very informative.

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 Image (2083071) image uploaded on 02-04-14
Broadcast 14 days ago at North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
by THE BIBLE REVEALED with dink toller

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Tags: #bible #dink #biblerevealed #podcast

In this debut podcast let us look to the Bible and G-d's inspired words to reclaim our joy that gets attacked from every direction.

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 Image (1991882) image uploaded on 25-03-14
Broadcast 22 days ago at United States, California, サンタ・ローザ=ペトルーマ
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Mike Robbins, Rob Shore, Wholesaler Masterminds®

Mike Robbins is the author of two books, Focus on the Good Stuff and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, which have been translated into fourteen different languages. His forthcoming book, Nothing Changes Until You Do, comes out in May of 2014. As an expert in teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the powers of appreciation and authenticity, Mike delivers keynote addresses and interactive seminars that empower people, teams, and organizations to work together effectively and be more successful. He has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to reach new levels of awareness and productivity, both personally and professionally. Through his speeches, seminars, and writing, Mike teaches people important techniques that allow them to be more grateful, appreciative, and authentic with others and themselves.

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 Image (125564) image uploaded on 18-03-14
Broadcast 25 days ago at Vrapchishte, Macedonia (FYROM)
by Anica's channel

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Tags: EFL, interview, age

In this interview an EFL student talks about achieving goals in life, no matter the age. Our conversation was inspired by Diana Nyad's Ted video 'A Powerful story: Never, ever give up'.

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 Image (76436) image uploaded on 23-02-13
Broadcast about a month ago at Grant Ferry, Buffalo, NY, USA
by Course Announcements

Tags: Discussion board, mid-course review, site visit report

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying Week #7. This week we are having a discussion about transformative learning experiences, as well as thinking through some of the issues in adult development and how they relate to adult education. We are also continuing our very important conversation on access to both adult education programs and classrooms. One of the most important things we can do as adult educators is to promote welcoming learning environments and this week we are continuing our conversation of how we can do that. The discussion board is now open. There is a somewhat higher requirement for posts this week. Since we have such a small class, our conversations haven’t been quite as robust as I think they can be. So I have upped the requirement of the posts a little bit hoping to inspire more meaningful interactions between peers on the discussion board. As a reminder, the discussion board is our class time each week. In the program we are required, to be certified to give you a Master’s degree here at Buffalo State, to have a set class time class time every week and that time is our discussion board. So please plan to spend about the same amount of time you would spend in a face to face classroom on the online discussion board, and that is about 2 hours and 40 minutes. We also do a personal journal entry, so that can be included as part of that time as well. Speaking of personal journals, this week you will be completing your mid-course review. This gives a chance to reflect on your reading and the work you’ve done in the course to date and to think through what value you found so far in the activities, discussion, papers, and reading that we’ve done. I love getting feedback on the course! Please do not feel you need to censor yourself. This journal is for you, so you should be very honest with yourself about the things that are working really well and if you have any concerns you should feel free to share them. As always, I have office hours this week, today on Tuesday I had them, and I will have them tomorrow on Wednesday 8am-12pm. As always, you are welcome to contact me at any time to set up an alternative time to meet and you are welcome to email me questions or concerns any time, or post them on the “Ask the Instructor” discussion board which is now working in both sections of AED 500. So last week, you received back your Adult Education Definition and Postionality papers. You all should have your scores and detailed comments from both the Writing Coach and myself. I hope you found this detailed feedback to be useful. This paper is generally one of the more difficulty papers in the program, because it’s the first paper you often write and it is scored very strictly for both grammar and APA style, as well as for content. Don’t be discouraged if you struggled with citation or if you struggled for grammar or formatting or APA style. All of this is something we want to catch in the first paper in the program so that you have time to work with our free Writing Coach to improve your writing skills, so by the time that you get ready to do your comprehensive exam for graduation you are ready to pass that exam. We never want to have a student pass all of their courses and then find they are unable to write a passing comprehensive examination. So if you have been referred to the Writing Coach, please take advantage of the free service that we offer for you. Additionally, those APA sources are available in our Assignment Guidelines folder. There’s a link to the Purdue Owl APA guide and the Harvard APA tutorial and there are also videos about plagiarism. As a reminder, plagiarism is a major ethical violation so you must site any words that are not your own using quote marks or a block quote and you must site any idea that is not your own with a reference at the end of the sentence or thought. You should at this point be working on the next paper assignment which is the Site Visit Report. That report is due before spring break, next week on March 22. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment. We will not be using the “Turnitin” drop box and I will not be sending this to the Writing Coach. I will look at this assignment mainly for content and I will give you comments for your APA style and grammar. If you don’t try to APA at all I will take off points. So please do try to use APA style and try to have great grammar and format, but again I will be grading mainly for content in this assignment. I can’t wait to see the site visits you choose to conduct and to see where you choose to go to do your site visit. We will all be learning about each others’ site visits during the discussion when we return from spring break, Week #10. I will post the presentation guidelines for that discussion next week so that you will be able to work on that presentation discussion over spring break. If you choose to so you will actually have over a week to get that discussion post ready, if you would like to work on it early. If not, you’re welcome to work on it the weekend before the discussion begins, as usual. Thanks again for all of your hard work everyone! I hope you have a terrific week and I look forward to reading your mid-course review.

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 Image (1082039) image uploaded on 27-11-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at United States, California, ???·???=?????
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Jeffrey Gitomer, Rob Shore, Wholesaler Masterminds®

Over the past 25 years, Jeffrey has emerged as one of the most dynamic, entertaining, and sought-after speakers in the world. Speaking and training worldwide more than 150 times a year, Jeffrey provides answers, informs, challenges, and inspires sales forces and upper management for hundreds of the largest and most successful companies. Jeffrey will show you how to change your listening and learning habits from the traditional "I know that" to the 21st century strategy, "How good am I at that?" Each participant will walk away with new understanding and an individualized game plan for action and success.

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 Image (1063259) image uploaded on 20-11-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Benimàmet, Valencia, Spain
by The Simplifying Complexity Podcast.

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What inspires you today? If you are visiting Valencia Spain & make the time to visit ciutat de les arts I de les ciences standby to be wowed. #architecture #beinspired #valencia #Spain #eu #future #buildings #alexandrebruce @milsocial @brazdablog @andymcguffie

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 Image (958364) image uploaded on 31-10-13
Broadcast 5 months ago
by valerie's channel

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Superwoman Teleseminar October 30 2013 - Hosted by Valerie Jampolsky - This call was inspired by this quote - "Your current circumstances don't matter, there is no excuse not to step into your purpose right now!" - Belisa Perez. Comment and share if you're stepping into your purpose... To join our community connect on facebook http://WorkWithValerie.com/facebook or go to http://workwithvalerie.com/freedom

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 Image (450467) image uploaded on 21-05-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at Hawthorne Ridge Trails, Oconomowoc, WI 53066, USA
by Kyla's channel

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Tags: federal elections commission, nineteen eighty four, congressional campaign committee

There are few reasons that you should vote for the Green Party. The Green Party was organized in the United States in nineteen eighty four. It was inspired by the success of European Green Party. Notably(?) that of the German Green Party. In two thousand seven it became the third modem party with the federal elections commission. Recognized congressional campaign committee. The green committee of correspondence for the first Green political organization in the United States. Forming in nineteen eighty four and eventually becoming known as the Green Party USA. The organizations still exist today. The first candidates to run on the Green Party ticket in the United States were Res Heir in North Carolina and Jill and Richard Wolff in Connecticut. Ralph for local offices in nineteen eighty five. Official ballot access is not achieved however until Jim Syth(?) run for governor

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 11 months ago at Teays Valley, WV, USA
by Terry's channel

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Great mothers are priceless assets that can inspire everyone they encounter. My mother was one of these people. She had a pro findings on on my education. She was a school teacher who took personal responsibility for the betterment of her. That responsibility started with her own family. She would always emphasize to me and my siblings how a good education could lead to a better job or career and how that could mean more opportunities for family life as well. Part of her philosophy was perseverance and knowing what talents and skills you have. When you know these things and set a path for a job or career where you are happy then you will surely succeed. A good education is not all about learning facts. It is more about improving and honing your talents and skills to go beyond what you are taught. To take away is education really never ends and that a continuous self.

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