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Broadcast about a year ago at Second, WV, USA
by Christopher 's channel

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Tags: lifetime activities, state of west virginia, arts teacher

I'm a related arts teacher in the beautiful state of West Virginia. I believe that physical and health education is the most important set of classes and student may ever take ___ just come near that notion and more times than that it simply a destruction on the Wednesday afternoon. I was just specifics in West Virginia among the worst ___ just about every category and I can say that least ___ hope he's not lost. My program has been blessed with the once a lifetime Granford(?) has the potential to change the way West Virginia used the importance of physical and health education. We're working on that some main targets now with as we learn and grow in to see your venture that I believe that our children need some run about lifetime activities have a problem regarding nutritious food responsibly

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 Image (50812) image uploaded on 24-05-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Lee, MN, USA
by Melanie's channel

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Tags: assessment coordinator, test monitor, district assessment

The final lesson in the online testing process will be walking through the process of obtaining your test results. Once the testing session has been completed. You will need to log to the Minnesota online reporting system at www dot Minnesota state assessment dot org. Using your district specific information provided to you district assessment coordinator. Once you're log in select the teachers test monitor icon located in the middle of your screen from here you'll see a large 3-D pie labeled online reporting. You'll need to click on the pie to see your district results. From the pie you can navigate to look at the whole picture to each individual transfer each student for example once you click on pie it will take you to the whole district from there you can click the schools in your district review. Once you're at the school level you can further break down the results by grade class and individual student. For specifics on the individual keep clicking until you reach the sheet

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hi well this is Melissa and I think that this could be quite useful in education. I have middle school children and I teach Math and I think that's for a middle school child it's really could be something maybe very interested in doing and we just have to be very very ___ and specifics have to be given in order for them to really complete the assignment as thoroughly and briefly as possible. I don't really think anyone would wanna sit and listen to 4 or 5 you know minutes of an oral presentation but yeah so I think it could be use it really just have to be well put out.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Ben's phlog

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Tags: specifics, bert, cheers

Hey Bert, this is ___ anyway cheers. Thanks for calling. I just ___ I don't know. I don't release know what you want to start with. I I got some questions what did you know think about why I sent an email I suppose. Yeah I mean what specifics you want to talk about. I have some questions and I'll tell you. Yeah I think I immediately consider ___ having seen it ___.

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 Image (103603) image uploaded on 14-10-11

Hello. We've just been to see the new film The Three Musketeers starring quite a lot of people look like you recognize them from somewhere but you can't quite place where. Wow what what a film. It was so bad. It was remarkable. Yeah where to begin? I think the air ship. Yeah ok so we're gonna see spoiler from interview. It was air ships like Steve from Kentac(?) air ships. They are like full of shit with like oh my god ___. The specifics was of ok. My spoiler has an air ship battle between 2 air ships. It was like galleon(?) with big balloons on top. Then land on Notre Dame Cathedral. I do not like to destroy the cathedral ___. They were crashing out they got into explosive that it's crashing down but the people was standing still perfectly still on board having sword fight. Oh they.

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 Image (35079) image uploaded on 07-05-11

Ok this is another iPadio broadcast. Like this is sort of like at this point be serving sort of a blog slash journal slash audio reflection on events and things and education or technology. I've noticed that many probably have in the field of Education if you've been in a while that would be with the focus on on data driven decision making and best practice professional communities that in my mind it seems like they're all really connected in in as far as the frame or as far as the specifics the key characteristics ___ is a or the characteristics and you look at PDIS.

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Matthew's phlog - phlog (21635) image uploaded on 09-Mar-10
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Matthew's phlog

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Tags: Leadership, Business, What?

Matthew Hill at www.hillnetworks.com talks about redefining the business you are in. Forget the specifics of industrial sector, service or profit. What experience or feeling do you want your customer to have? When you find an answer, it may free to be more creative in offering them something remarkable. Good luck, Matthew -07813 760 711

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