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Eddie Marathon's phlog - phlog (31103) image uploaded on 18-Sep-10
Broadcast 2 years ago at Av de la Virgen de Cala, 37, 21270 Cala, Spain
by Eddie Marathon: Unclassified

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Tags: size quarter, half size, pints

Hey everybody, it's Eddie Marathon and we are here at Cala Cove. This is a cool restaurant and bar here in the heart of downtown of Saint Louis where we are celebrating the finish of the Mojo Pink Logo. That's right, we're having a 6th return. And we have some good pints of beer. We have actually there's a a ___. Or Ice cream. It's a good ___ and we have a butter. We have some bread that's a half size quarter we put in there main course ___ right now. Most, people like getting or pasta that kind of stuff and we are thinking about you know what a day we have or sharing all of our conversations and can't believe how much mileage ___ but yet the same time how fat ___ by. But you know of course if you find it ___ tastes a good sign ___.

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