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Broadcast 2 years ago
by John's channel

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Tags: science lab, half an hour

Ok so I'm just gonna briefly go over now I feel like a patio from the used(?). First off I like to talk out how to use by me. I think this is a great way to you record(?) ideas and thoughts you have I've got ___ to work about half an hour each way. So ___ you know thinking things I wanna do with my wife and my other activities and I can literally call in and then you know if you wanna get to work I said to call in and 3 I think students should be great in the science lab with my kids to walk around. They can work on the experiments and then they could record their observations by using their phone. No need to write it down the you know kind of changes occurred you know change of temperature or whatever they're doing for whatever lab were doing and you know they could take turns all ___ on the phone and now what they observed and ___

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The Pod Delusion's phlog - phlog (9216) image uploaded on 17-Sep-09
Broadcast 2 years ago
by The Pod Delusion

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Tags: Marcus Chown

This week we take a journey across time and space as we look forward to the Mars Science Lab mission, and talk about a new play that takes a look back into recent history through the medium of former Labour MP Chris Mullin's diaries. We also speak to Marcus Chown about his new book and are scared by news of what the SOPA act could mean for the internet.

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Broadcast 2 years ago at R 820, Bangladesh
by Shireen's channel

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Tags: school education program, resourceful library, teacher salary

Basically whatever money to ___ funds from different sources is spent on the development of the desired attention need of students and school education program. For salary(?) education money is a major part of no matter how good the teacher is we need resources teaching running aid and specially for higher grades couple lab and resourceful(?) library. Experience and college(?) teacher needs high salary hence not so many expenditures of the funds include teacher salary and the benefits school building rent supply chemical and instrument for science labs. In a country like Bangladesh it's very difficult to meet all the requirements if the expenditures is more than the need. We basically count on the students enrollment each year and we have to increase the tuition fees and extra charges. At times we have to take a loans from banks too. We applied for loan(?) from the government so that they can have a

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hi 4th graders, this is Mrs Nima(?) of room 307 and I wanted to give you the announcement of the week. The week is November 15th 2010 and I will let you know what's happening in our classroom this week and Science will be finishing our weather unit and begin rocks and earth materials after the fall break and our IE groups we will still be practicing multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and the Richmed(?) group will be presenting their home made weather tools on Friday at 10:00am in the Science lab and Math class would continuing to work with patterns of shapes and numbers. Please please practice your first and last on the computer daily. Our assessment is this Friday and reading will be working only an idea and supporting details with section and non section so be prepared to know what the main ideas is. Vocabulary this week will introduced to new words on Monday so that.

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Broadcast 4 years ago at Wayne, MI, USA, US
by Megan's phlog

Tags: 4th, Science, Marshmallows

This is Mrs Blake Moore from Corman elementary in South Gate Michigan. We mealted(?) marshmallows in the science lab today for some crazy reason I have 4 students here that willy tell you why we chose to mealt(?) those marshmallows in the microwave Emily 8 can you tell us one fact that you learn. I learned that you can take glass and heated up and slope it and that's what we did with the marshmallows. We put them in them microwave and use tooth picks to slope them into shape. And the reason we did this is to get the idea ___ and I thought it was pretty cool. The reason that I think we did this it's because that for how we would feel ___. Olivia. Is gonna rephrase this at home. And Olivia what are you gonna do at home. To to insure that this new is

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 4 years ago
by Wendy's phlog

Hi Physical Science students. This is Ms Price. I wanted to do a quick flog over the next lab to kinda give you some guidance as you go through. You know that the instructions for this lab are in your physical science lab book so you wanna make sure that you go there to get the complete instructions. The student guide is just a big picture and remember that I've given you the student guide and the student lab report sheets or the sheets that go with your discussions those are gonna be found in doc sharing as well as within the lessons. But you've gotta have the lab book in order to do the lab. Ok so what is the lab all about? It's about an indothermic(?) process. Ok when you think about indo(?) I want you to think about inside. It stays within. When you think about exo(?) I want you to think about coming out ok because indothermic(?) processes use energy from within. They take it in and things tend to get cold around it because they're taking all the energy

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