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Broadcast about a year ago
by Scott's phlog

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Tags: s scott

Hey Mark, it's Scott so this pass one.

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Broadcast about a year ago at Core-Columbia, San Diego, CA, USA
by Brock's phlog

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Tags: de grandis, one million dollars, wife molly

Hi, welcome to the team. My name is Scott Aguilar. My wife Molly and I are Platinum managers and we live in San Diego California. I'm joined today by Darla, Darla de Grandis(?) has been in the business since two thousand and eight and quickly become a top income earner with F H T M. I'm holding herself to the top spot in the company in earning more than one million dollars just for short year. He's built the team over twenty thousand people and today earns commission bond ten of thousand.

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 Image (64804) image uploaded on 04-11-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Courthouse, Arlington, VA, USA
by Scott's channel

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Tags: washington dc area, scott hendricks, three soldiers

This I believe is Scott Hendricks. Here today I was trying to navigate Facebook activity in which I'm not very good I'm afraid I came across a picture of three soldiers of the old guard at Arlington standing guard on the rain ___ the unknown. Storm roll through the Washington DC area. Was raining sideways and the wind was really blowing. It didn't seem to notice however they just stood they're post. As I read the comments and click the like button myself I was surprised to come across the negative comments about the picture. You can tell the folks commenting had never served in the armed forces and they probably no one in their family either can also guess that the tone of their sarcasm they never had a friend or family member lose their lives serving their country

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Gavin's phlog

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Tags: south pole

Hello this is Scott Mark. Yeah hi Mark it's Kevin from South Pole ___. Hey how you doing? I'm good. Thanks. ___ thank you for making the time to to do this quick interview. No problem. Cool and I'll fire off some questions then and in 2010 they understand ___.

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 Image (131834) image uploaded on 22-02-12
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Roxy Pachino

Tags: banana clip, chaver, orangutan

Yo Alex this is Scott it's pretty slacko(?) mine is a. Alright well I'm here I'm gonna do a brand new guy which is one of my favorite songs of Isaac(?). I mean this is one of my favorite song like well talked but alright I'm gonna sing this about this whatever. Alright hold on. Let's do it. Suck a dick I came down with my boxers. Go see abevinate(?) it's animal my private like monkeys Orangutan(?) banana clip on that chaver(?). I hope a hits bangels(?) like a kid who sit.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Please select the department you request in the following option press 1 for residential valuation ___. Hello. National department ___ speak to Adam(?) please. Adam some voicemail and if you could pick it up. Yeah and I've just called a couple of times and it's normal for the Monday morning to be voicemail ___. I'm not sure I don't know what the story is just and who's calling please. It's Scott Pasel(?). Could you just hold on in a minute please please ___ ok. Thank you bye

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Sarah's phlog

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Tags: s scott, voicemail, ivan

Please let ___. Hello Commercial Department. Can I speak to Ivan please? I can ___ leaving a voicemail. Yeah I'm just I'll leave a voicemail, this time. Alright ok phone please. Paul so please leave a note of your name and telephone number and I will return your call. Good morning Ivan it's Scott Couple(?). Could you gimme a call back please. Thank you.

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 Image (110634) image uploaded on 16-11-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at York, North Yorkshire YO31 7EX, UK
by Mike Leigh Cooper: Passion for People and Stories

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Tags: mikeleighcooper, britaininaday, York

Mike Leigh Cooper speaking with a representative of Britain in a Day about the local workshops in York and how it fits into the overall vision for the project. Britain In A Day – a partnership with Ridley Scott's Scott Free London, the production company behind the acclaimed feature film Life In A Day – will provide a unique glimpse of contemporary British life. www.youtube.com/britaininaday

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David's phlog - phlog (31827) image uploaded on 10-Oct-10
Broadcast 2 years ago at 85 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007, USA
by David's phlog

Tags: s scott, scott report, college new york

Hi, it's Scott report in for certain ___ here. ___ went college New York. ___ and we are in the media section ___

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