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 Image (522620) image uploaded on 23-06-13
Broadcast 9 months ago
by Triple 7 Summits channel

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On May 4th 2012 I suffered a cold injury while climbing above the headwall above 14k camp. In temperatures of -20 degrees C and with a 20mph wind (windchill of -33 degrees C) our guides decided we should cache at top of headwall above 16k ft. As the first exped of the season, we had to dig out the fixed ropes. We had spent 3 days before waiting at 14k camp, but the guides chose to wait until now to dig out. In addition, our lead guide decided we should ascend on the 'down' line. Rope damage at the bottom of each anchor point created delays in attaching ascenders at each anchor point on the down line. In the end I suffered an intermediate grade frostbite injury with serious nerve damage to 6 fingers.

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 Image (37989) image uploaded on 09-05-11
Broadcast about a year ago at Fiji
by Vinyl Burns Radio Show

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Tags: fiji, plantation, island

The Reverend Doctor Vinyl Burns Radio Show E08 Andrew - Fur Patrol Never gonna change - Drive by truckers Back to me - Kathleen Edwards Eating me alive - Miracles of modern science Wild - Screaming Females Born on the day the sun didn't rise - Black moth super rainbow Be mine tonight - Th' Dudes Ropes that way - Dirty Ghosts Drivin' around the block - Dickie harrell Never the same - Supreme beings of leisure Carefully - Otaki Airforce Change the sheets - Kathleen Edwards The hardest part of loving you - Andrea House How long has this been going on - Hall and Oats Wonderful - Kori Pop You still love me - Mindy Smith Los Angeles - Phosphorescent Diamonds - The Cardigans Big Wave - Jenny & Johnny Head home - Midlake Secret someones - Laura Viers Venus Shaver - Shilpa Ray Love is a battlefield - Pat Benatar Interconnector - Shihad Resolution - John Coltrain

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 Image (154969) image uploaded on 04-05-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Downtown Medical Center, Memphis, TN, USA
by Mr. Cobb's

Tags: pot lake, high ropes, welcome parents

Welcome parents to our next pod cast from the 8th grade class trip. We're here at the campus(?) game here in Memphis Tennessee. Yeah yeah that's a good time, we just finished some pizza here. Co what are you up and doing so far? Well first view the pot lake(?) but then we went and then go car war(?) beat and mighty boats that's all behind them both, you defeated both of those two already wow so Mikey then gonna do it again and see talking yeah come back we're going to go ___ alright that's next. What you've been doing over there Parker? Getting a plus 32 in golf, plus 32 alright that's not too bad. What about you Gregory. I played video games with Jacob and Nick and Cameron. Alright also we still have laser tag down there. We've got some other high ropes challenges going on. So gonna have a lot of fun here parents keep checking in for our pod cast here tomorrow we're headed back home so again keep in touch with that check on Flicker(?) for our pictures. Say goodbye everybody. Bye everybody.

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Team Jordan
Broadcast 2 years ago at Jordan Ave, Jordan, Mt 59337, USA
by Live from Antarctica

Tags: thousand feet, ropes, jordan

This is Jordan from America. We were just went a huge day moving ourselves up to the high camp this ___ on 13 thousand feet after ___ coming at the ward head wall of fix ropes and ___.

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 Image (37178) image uploaded on 05-04-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at Carrera 12 11 1 - Ortega, Tolima Dept, Colombia
by fabrizio's channel

Tags: breaking trail, wind wind, smart idea

Hey Robertson Ortega and it's about 5:30 the 27th of May. We're about seven thousand five hundred meters ___. The greatest experience so far have been just ___ this whole the last few days and for breaking trail the whole way cleaning up ropes, all the hard working cons and ___. But I don't know, the wind wind is really steady and else right now. It's been pretty windy all day and we're hoping at midnight when we leave the tent to go to the filming tonight that wind is gonna die down. I wen out today, two hundred meters maybe cut in the shell. I'm not too sure if that was the smart idea the down like your going maybe

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Allison's phlog

Tags: exciting day, big sister, good evening

Good evening everyone. I have been so nervous about the speech. I really wasn't sure what to say. In fact the speech is really been through a lot of changes and revision over the past couple of weeks but in the and I realized that there were just a few things I really need to say to my sister Jessie. First I thought I would talk about the day that you were born. ___ I'm gonna take too long but the day you were born was such an exciting day for me because on that day, I became a big sister. I still remember crying because Daddy need me go to help Tap(?) to take my stupid class picture with it don't know what in shock so you know the exact picture I'm talking about but all I really wanted to do with stay home and meet you and finally whole deal I was a big sister now. You were beautiful. I was only 5 but as a big sister. I thought it was my job to take care of you, look after you, show you the ropes, teach you the ways.

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Robert's phlog - 4th phonecast - phlogcast (35227) image 1 uploaded on 08-Aug-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Virginia Beach, VA, USA, US
by Robert's phlog

It is with great pleasure I announce the first ever "Sweet Science Seminar" for martial arts instructors. Learn the "Sweet Science" of boxing from the President of the Virginia Association of USA Boxing, Robert "Machine" Matney. This 2 day seminar will prepare the coaches of the Tidewater area Mixed Martial Arts scene for certification as a Level 1 USA Boxing Coach. USAB is the national governing body (NGB) for Olympic Style Boxing and member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Seminar Information Day 1: Intensive Amateur Boxing Introduction Virginia Association of USAB introduction Rules and regulations Safety, best practices Insurance program Event administration and matchmaking Officiating and scoring basics Competition basics i.e. club event vs tournament Road to the Olympics and All Navy Boxing Team Club registration and development Day 2: Testing and Hands On USAB Level 1 Coaching Certification Test Handwrapping 101 Focus Mitts, 1 on 1 and group types of training The Boxing Ring, more than just ropes in a square Sparring - safety, preparation, execution and demonstration Fee: Cash or money order, no personal checks $100 covers instruction, testing, USAB Level 1 certification, USAB coaching registration and USOC required background check. Registration and certification is required for USAB competition coaching eligibility. Items to bring: Paper/Pen/Highlighter, download the USA Boxing rulebook from www.usaboxing.org or www.vausaboxing.org or www.tidewaterboxing.com Plus focus mits and boxing gloves if you have them Robert Matney BIO Owner Seven Cities Boxing Club of Virginia Beach Level 3 USAB International Coach President Virginia Association of USA Boxing LBC No.12 Coordinator USAB East Central Region No.2 Alternate Delegate Washington D.C. Golden Gloves Franchise Representative Virginia and North Carolina Golden Gloves Head coach for national USAB and Golden Gloves teams Team manager for National USAB Elite Team Produced many state and regional champions and nationally ranked athletes Official boxing trainer for Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL teams) Please RSVP at vbzmachine2gmail.com or just call (757) 439-6357 for details and information -- Robert Matney (USN ret) President Virginia Association of USA Boxing LBC No.12 Junior Olympic Coordinator East Central Region No.2 Seven Cities Boxing Club, LLC 633 10th St Ste101 Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 439-6357 mobile (757) 962-5694 gym (757) 962-7813 fax vbzmachine@gmail.com www.vausaboxing.org www.tidewaterboxing.com www.7citiesboxing.org

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