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 Image (683105) image uploaded on 28-08-13

-More Progressive than your Friendly Neighborhood Car Insurance Policy Cal Lee and Warren Shaw tackle the latest in this weeks edition of THE BASELINE -Chris Paul is now HBIC (Head Baller In Charge) of the NBA Players Association: Is He Twice the Man the players need to succeed? -Allen Iverson officially calling it quits. We measure NBA's most complicated Answer -Jason Richardson on the mend Again: Are we seeing the last days of J-Rich? -Phil Jackson and the Lakers: The Saga Continues -Premier Blazers Forward Nicholas Batum shoots down Aldridge Trade Rumors -Celtics Acquire Star Guard Rajon Rondo a Personal Assistant Coach to "handle" him -The Curry Brothers United in Golden State - Houston Rockets keep things Brewing in the Offseason -Tony Wroten moved out of Memphis

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 Image (415930) image uploaded on 04-05-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei, China
by Deron's channel

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 Image (390490) image uploaded on 19-04-13

Cal Lee and Warren Shaw break down the 1st Round of the Western Conference Playoff Picture *(1)OKC Thunder v (8) Houston Rockets *(2) San Antonio Spurs v (7) LA Lakers *(3) Denver Nuggets v (6) Golden State Warriors *(4) LA Clippers v (5) Memphis Grizzlies

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 Image (258747) image uploaded on 17-12-12

talking NBA w Warren Shaw (DimeMag)

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 Image (140308) image uploaded on 16-03-12

This week we get a horrifying update on the pro-lifers anti-abortion campaign, a nice update on Queen Mary Jesus & Mo fiasco, and a cautiously optimistic update on the libel reform campaign. Plus why the NHS risk register shouldn't be released, assisted dying and we speak to Ophelia Benson.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Hello this is Joanne Ramirez(?) this is Phoenix's(?) grandmother in New York. I'm in Rockefeller Center. It's about 43 degrees very cool very windy but very busy lots of tours in the Rockefeller Center area. Sandy's been having a great time looking ancestors 70 story building on top of the Rock and see the people skating in the ice rink and he even know her long lost cousin named Sandy(?) who's figure not better or bigger. So we're still walking around the Rockefeller Center area ___ the radio singing musical and there's a show there's lot of coming taking picture ___ Madagascar, Madagascar live life size in there so we wasn't on the stage but at least we got to inside where all the other kids were as radio singing the musical we're all rockets ___.

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Spencer's phlog - phlog (34976) image uploaded on 03-Feb-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by 15 Minutes of Fame (or Shame)

Tags: IJBL, Nets, Rockets

In our second episode, we take a look at the expansion Rockets and Nets and see how they are doing.

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David's phlog - phlog (10627) image uploaded on 10-Oct-09
Broadcast 4 years ago
by David's phlog

Tags: dot co, dot uk, www dot

I'm at 47th Market under the fly over with my brother. He was running through the Rockets(?) Store and how's the game with my brother Nigel. How's the game today? Hello. I'm at, I'm at to the store. Hello. Hello there. This is Nigel here. Who's there? ___. I know because you're live on the internet. Oh no. Oh god. Any good here today? It's very good. I haven't told anything yet. You will does too. I hope, hopefully when he comes back but he always say that didn't have to do but it should be unknown and what's the website? It's www dot H I then a middle hyphen star S T A R dot co dot UK. Hi star. Hi star. That's the boy Cos you had that on the channel and his also the leader of the boy Nigel party and also the hell got.

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