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 Image (363514) image uploaded on 30-03-13

Jory Fisher, JD, ACC addresses five of the most important issues in protecting both yourself and your clients in the coaching relationship.

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Hello welcome to this interviewing conjunction with hello and welcome to this interview in conjunction with Oil and Gas IQ's 8th contract. Hello and welcome to this interview in conjunction with oil and gas IQ advance contract risk management for oil and gas conference which will be taking place on the 24th to the 25th of May 2011 in Houston Texas. Today I'm joined by Tom thanks for joining us. Tom it's been a real pleasure. Thanks very much for your insight and speak to you soon.

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Government IQ - phlog (32321) image uploaded on 25-Oct-10
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Government IQ

Tags: welcome greg, greg hunt, climate change

Yo it's Lane Callahasam(?) Government IQ. Welcome to the podcast for Inscribe(?) the risk management for government 2011. Looking beyond implementation and unlocking the full potential of your ARM strategies. Joining us today for this live interview is Greg Hunt executive officer of the Southeast Council Climate Change Alliance. Welcome Greg. Thank you very much Lone(?) and thanks for the opportunity to be talking about well I think it's an exceptionally important issue so part of that response to climate change. Thanks for being here Greg. So Greg would you gobble(?) to tell us just a little about your role at the Southeast Council Climate Change Alliance. Yes we one of the team Climate Change Alliance is you and Victoria with groupings and local governments that are making project responses to climate change. So the local government believe it's a whole range of services to communities and the climate change has potential to disrupt a lot of services.

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Infrastructure IQ Podcast - phlog (32968) image uploaded on 11-Nov-10

Infrastructure IQ Interview's Peter Brouggy, Project Manager for Banking & Finance Sector Group, about the importance of communication between all stakeholders, the consequences for not building a Resilient Infrastructure and more.

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The Pod Delusion's phlog - phlog (9216) image uploaded on 17-Sep-09
Broadcast 3 years ago
by The Pod Delusion

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Tags: DFID, Pope, Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins stars briefly as we look at the Darwin Day lecture, the Geek Manifesto, DFID wasting money on the Peope and much more!

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Interview with Kay Lindley on how companies can adopt an effective yet flexible operational risk management framework  - phlogcast (51939) image 1 uploaded on 20-Dec-10
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Finance IQ

Tags: Framework, finance, financial services

In this interview with Kay Lindley, Head of Group Operational Risk at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, she talks about how financial institutions as a whole need to remove the ‘tick in the box’ culture to adopt a truly effective operational risk management framework. Questions we asked include: 1. How has the GFC impacted on the industry? 2. Why is installing a ‘compliance culture’ important in maintaining and managing Operational Risk? 3. What strategies can a company adopt to design an effective and flexible operational risk management framework? 4. What role does technology play in revolutionising Operational Risk & Compliance structures?

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Dale's phlog

Tags: risk minimization, support innovation, korina

Hello there fellow debaters, Val here. In this program we're responding to Chris Ronda and Korina's discussion the learning outcome no. 2. I thought 3 really good lots of information covering the one topic across 3 very different fields of education. For Jewel(?) address the assistant criteria really well which was to do with risk management creating with this tool box, start meetings with the rest of the teachers, run with Frank Simasion(?) the positive outcomes required, enlarge what she's doing and be prepared to make changes to ensure the learner what learning is effective. Risk minimization and Korina not diving in head first without checking our order so to speak and educate(?) the proof base next year as a back up. Effective support innovation which address the

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